The List: 5 Men I can leave my husband for…

Ian Somerhalder

Sitting with my husband, watching a movie or tv show, on occasion one of us can be heard saying “I’m adding him/her to my list”.  The list?  People we could leave each other for.

Of course we are kidding but it’s all in good fun.  Typically we are lusting for the CHARACTER that they play or simply how they look with their shirt off on screen and not so much the actual person.   Either way, we laugh about it and it becomes a funny joke when we are out with friends.  “Did you guys just see that Jessica Biel Movie?”  “Hey hun, they’re talking about your future wife”!

Here is my current top 5 list of guys that I would leave my husband for (not really… well, probably not…).  😉    One of them may surprise you!

Wentworth-Miller#5.  Wentworth Miller

Okay so this has everything to do with his role on Prison Break.  The body tattoo was sexy and I know many of you were devastated along with me when he had it removed on the show.  We hated that doctor and wished he would turn his eyes toward the screen and talk directly to us.  He was troubled, mysterious and we just wanted him to walk through our front door so we could give him a good sponge bath.  Too much?  😉


dave matthews

#4. Dave Matthews

While he doesn’t have that same body of a god physical appeal as some of the others in this list, he does have guitar-player arms and a voice that makes you want to sit at his feet and listen to hours of him reading you short stories.  His lyrics and musical talent are enough to make us swoon and it helps that his smirky smile drives us slightly wild.  Even when he’s sweating like a pig mid-set, something about him just makes you want to imagine those arms wrapped around you while sitting at a campfire.

Ian Somerhalder#3. Ian Somerhalder

Ok ladies, admit it.  Damon is pretty much the only reason we watch The Vampire Diaries.  (okay well for some of you die-hard fans, maybe not, but you have to admit, he makes it that much better).  It’s all in the eyes and man oh man we would all love to be compelled by this vamp just for the chance to look straight into them for a few moments, even if we won’t remember it later.  Top it off with a body that makes us swoon and hair that just stays right where it should, we can even forgive that he is in an actual relationship with Canadian-beauty & real life Elena, Nina Dobrev.


Bush: Gavin Rossdale#2. Gavin Rossdale

Ok so I admit, he isn’t everyone’s cup ‘o tea… but I have been swooning over him since I was a pre-teen, back when they were Bush X and pre-Gwen.  The fact that he’s now a husband to one of the hottest chicks in music and a dad to two of the most adorable little boys makes him even more crush-worthy.  The hair, the guitar-player arms, the accent… the lyrics!  Not to mention that he’s an animal lover and a pretty good actor to boot.  We can even forgive Gwen for stealing him away from us all because she’s just so damn awesome.


alan rickman#1.  Alan Rickman

Yes, I’m serious.  Okay, you can stop laughing now.  Really!  So he may be 67 years old but there is just something about him that I can’t explain… Okay so I can explain it.  The voice.  OH MAN THE VOICE!  Hans Gruber is the only reason I enjoy Die Hard.  Professor Snape can teach me the dark arts anytime he’d like.  Even as the voice of Marvin in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, he had me.  When I met my husband, before we got serious, he knew that this one man may steal me away one day and he had to agree to let me go without any hard feelings should that ever happen.  Alan Rickman proves that age has nothing to do with sex appeal and that it’s not just about a hot body or muscles.  Okay, you can really stop laughing now.  😉

Honourable mention goes to Justin Timberlake.  He sings, he dances, he acts (and quite well!), plus he seems to be getting hotter with age.  The only reason he didn’t make the list?  N’Sync.  ‘Nuff said.

So, would any of these guys make your top 5 list?  Who would you put on your list?

xo Jenn


Jenn Perry

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