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5 things that suck about being a hockey mom

My "baby" boy, super-excited to get back on the ice!
My “baby” boy, super-excited to get back on the ice!

This morning marked the start of my 4th year as a hockey-mom. Wow, just typing that, I feel the crows feet forming around my eyes. 4 years. Wow.  (6 if you count the 2 years he took skating lessons before that).

I’m so proud of my son, he tries so hard and puts 100% effort into every moment on that ice. He always has a giant smile on his face and gets excited before every practice or game. That alone makes every moment worth it.

However, there are cons to being a hockey-mom… Allow me to share with you my top 5 reasons being a hockey-mom sucks.

1) Early morning practices. Our practices can be as early as 7am… Even on Sundays. And being that they need to have a solid breakfast beforehand, accounting for loading the gear in the car, driving to the rink and having to be there 30-45 mins before the practice starts, that can make for a painfully early morning.

2) Tying skates. Ohhh how my fingers hate me after this task. They need those skates tied really tight and as their feet grow so fast, the skates barely get broken in before they need a new pair. New skates are the worst to try and tie tight!

3) Remembering the order to put on equipment. I have been doing this a few years and still almost every week, I help him put something on, only to realize 2 steps later that he needed to put something else on first. This morning, I put his socks on before his shin guards. Ohhh and now they want the tongue from the skates BEHIND the shin guards which totally messed me up. Wayyy too much to remember before I’ve had my morning coffee.

4) Being the only woman in the change room. Ok so let’s face it, when your son plays hockey, it’s a male-parent dominated sport. Hubby and I do split it about 50/50 depending on our work schedules, but when it is my turn, I usually find I am the only woman in the change room. At this age, the change rooms are still co-ed so moms are allowed in, but the boys don’t seem to notice (or care) that a woman is in there and I get to witness (and hear) all the gross boy stuff. I won’t go into detail but other moms of boys know exactly what I mean. Boys are just icky… And so are their dads. LOL

And of course, that leads us to…

5) The smell. O. M. G. The stench…. The dressing room and of course, the equipment. Opening that bag after a game can only be compared to a stink bomb going off in a windowless room. Even young boys can omit a stench worthy of awards. And who gets to air it out, including removing the plastic cup from the jock strap before placing it in the wash? Good ‘ol hockey-mom…

Aren’t we lucky?

While I have this list of cons, there is one pro that over-rides all of it. Seeing how happy your kid is and feeling that huge sense of mama pride when they score a goal, or stop a pass… or when they just turn to you sitting in the stands, for a quick moment and smile.

Are you a sport-mom? Anything you would add to this list?

xo – J


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