Welcome to That’s What She Said… a blog about everything and anything!

I’m Jenn, an Ottawa Blogger / Influencer / Writer / Rambler. I’ve been with my husband for coming on 17 years and we have two amazing children together. By day I work for a large tech company, and by night and as Editor in Chief of the women’s Travel & Tourism blog

This blog is really about being a woman. I try to write about the things going on in my life that many other women can relate to. Family, relationships, friends… the good, the bad and the hilarious! I’m not completely consistent and often procrastinate; I’m definitely NOT a type A person. I blog because I love to write, share and tell a great story.

In addition to my ramblings, I have been known to accept guest posts from some amazing women who write on a variety of topics. We love quirky humour, design, DIY, food/recipes, technology, relationships, entertainment, travel, autos, advice, opinions… really it’s an eclectic site which we hope truly has something for everyone.

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