Guess what guys!?!?!?!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I’m happy.

Very happy!

The recent trend on social media is to bash happy people – tell us we are lying and must be hiding something. That we can’t TRULY be happy and must actually be really sad people on the inside trying to fake our way through life.

Except I actually do love my life.


I have pretty awesome kids!

My husband is truly my rock and partner-in-crime!

We are healthy and doing awesome!

Every single day I get to do fun and interesting things!

Sure, we have stuff happening. We’ve had our share of bad luck, made questionable decisions and have had low moments of sadness. However those things don’t make us any less happy. They are hiccups in the overall big picture and if anything, they make us stronger, wiser and better equipped to handle other things down the line. Just because we often keep those moments personal doesn’t mean we are hiding anything or are any less happy than we claim to be.

In my house, we smile a lot. We laugh a lot. And I always encourage my kids to use as many exclamation points as possible in life because ‘manifesting positivity’ is a skill I’d be proud to send them off in the world with.

I post images full of smiling family members. I gush in status updates about my “proud mama moments”. I tell everyone when something really cool happens in our lives or career. My husband is the same way.

I’m not going to even link to the egotistical rant that was recently posted on another MOMMY BLOG. It’s not worth sending the traffic. If you’ve read it, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, I’ll spare you the true waste of time and just tell you that all of us “mommy bloggers” were lumped in to one giant category, called sell-outs and told that we are wasting our time and money. By another blogger.

Oh, and no one is reading my blog btw. So even you as readers have been included in this rant because apparently you don’t actually read anything I write.  Maybe close your blinds because I guess she’s spying on you.

This blog is part of my lively-hood and I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve built. I’ve always been honest in sharing that I do make money from my blog. I also recognize that if I do write content you do not like, you will simply no longer read it. It’s my choice what content I write and it’s your choice what content you read. It’s also your choice to agree or disagree with what I write. Free Speech means we can share any opinion we want. However that is where it ends. It does not protect us from the consequences that come from what we said.

There are so many other ways to say you are dissatisfied with the industry without throwing hundreds of thousands of people you’ve never met under the bus. Maybe she could have looked more closely at the cause & effect. To one of the points in the post, I personally have an opinion about why some bloggers appear to push any product that comes their way – and it’s not actually their fault. If more brands paid bloggers what they are actually worth, those bloggers would have more power to pick and choose who they work with. We would see a shift where brands could work with bloggers more suited to their key messaging, with more readers in their target market, and in turn build a true, long term relationship.

At the end of the day, I don’t know her any more than she knows me but I hope over time, she discovers the exclamation points in life!!


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