Bayo Bundles Review: Fun & Educational Arts and Crafts Kits


What kid doesn’t love to craft?  In this house, we definitely do our fair share, however I’m not really THAT mom who is organized with it so often it just ends up being a table full of random supplies I picked up at the dollar store and me saying “make whatever you want”.

While both kids love getting hands on, they couldn’t be more different when it comes to the types of activities they enjoy.

My 5 year old daughter is more of the artsy type and loves to paint, colour and glitter-glue until the cows come home. Her creation changes 10 times before it’s complete.

My 9 year old son is more of a logical crafter and needs to see the finished project in his mind before he starts. He also prefers if it has some sort of actual purpose and isn’t just something to hang on the fridge.

When Bayo Bundles dropped a box off at my front door, I didn’t know what to expect. What project would we find inside? Would I be able to keep both kids engaged long enough to write a proper review?

Bayo Bundles Craft Subscription Box

The kids were eager to open the box and both were very excited when they learned what was inside. An Organic Vegetable Garden Kit with enough supplies for both of them to make their very own Kale garden.

Bayo Bundles Subscription Craft Kit in a box

I absolutely love that the box includes everything they needed to complete the activity, even pre-portioned bags of soil! I sat down off to the side and just let them at it.

My son took charge as the leader of the activity and began by reading the educational information aloud about the difference between organic produce and regular produce. My daughter even asked questions – and she NEVER asks questions. Then they set up their supplies and began decorating their pots. For the first time in days, they were sitting together nicely, laughing and joking, without any arguments. That’s huge in my house.

Bayo Bundles Art Kit Painting flower pots

While their pots were drying, there was a 2nd activity to complete: Scarecrows!

They had a lot of fun designing their scarecrows and putting them together. The instructions were very easy to follow and only my youngest needed a little help with the scissors.

Bayo Bundles Arts and Crafts kit making scarecrows

I love that the scarecrow activity took just the amount of time needed for the paint to dry on the pots enough so we could move on to the planting stage. They filled their pots with the pre-measured soil, then dug a hole and planted their kale seeds. The instructions then reminded them to water the plants and came with care instructions.

The kids had such a fantastic time with this project. From start to finish, it took approximately 1.5 hours – and to me, anything that can keep kids this engaged for that long that isn’t on a TV screen or electronics is great in my books!

Art Project Organic Kale Garden, decorated pots and scarecrows.

The kids are very proud of their gardens and can’t wait to watch them grow. The laminated booklet even came with a recipe for Kale Chips – so we have another activity to do together come harvest time.

Bayo Bundles can either be purchased individually or you can save money if you purchase a monthly subscription service. As an added bonus, shipping in Canada is FREE with any subscription.  They will soon have Thanksgiving boxes available so definitely check them out!

You can purchase on their website:

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