High up on my travel bucket list has always been New York City. It’s one of those places that isn’t actually that far from us (only about a 7 hour drive), yet always seem so far away and mysterious. From a young age, I’ve loved watching movies and TV shows filmed in “the big apple” – and Sex & the City of course made me dream of moving there one day.

Last month I was thrilled when I received in invite from my friends at Netflix to join them in NYC for a party, and a screening of season 2 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with Refinery29. This show is definitely one of my absolute favs right now and I’ve been waiting all year for season 2 to be released! The best news was that I got to invite one of my BFF’s to join me! Naturally, I invited my sister – and we had the BEST time!

After a quick jaunt to La Guardia via Air Canada, our journey began at the gorgeous W Hotel Union Square where we met up with other #StreamTeam bloggers from Canada and the USA (and their BFF’s) and boarded a limo bus to the first event on our itinerary at The Park NYC restaurant.

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The location was beautiful, from the atrium glass ceilings and live trees, vines and other plants, the room was an indoor garden oasis. We were treated to great food, great wine and of course great conversation as we were able to get to know the other #StreamTeam members and talk all things Kimmy Schmidt and Netflix!

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For the 2nd part of our evening, we traveled over the bridge to the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). An intimate theatre, we were escorted past the line up of eager fans to grab some popcorn and a drink – then off to our reserved seats located front and center so we could watch the first two episodes of season 2 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Cell phones had to be turned off as these episodes were still super-secret – Season 2 is not being released until this Friday, April 15th!

While I can’t giveaway any details, I can tell you that fans of the show will not be disappointed. The entire theater erupted in laughter many times during the episodes, especially at the “Kimmy-isms” that make her character so perfect.

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Just when we thought the evening couldn’t get any better, the host for the evening from Refinery29 let us know they had two very special guests coming up front for a Q&A – Tituss Burgess and Carol Kane! As they walked down the stairs, the theatre erupted in applause and cheers. They spent about a half hour answering audience questions and teased about some exciting things coming to season 2 – like the fact that there will definitely be love in the air this season, and that Tina Fey is back – but not for the same role she played in season 1. Hmmmm…

The most epic part of the evening though was when Tituss said a little something about Justin Trudeau and then dedicated a little “Pinot Noir”!

After the Q&A, the Stream Team members were escorted to a smaller room for a meet & greet with the two stars. I had butterflies in my stomach as I waited for Tituss and Carol to arrive. I was totally starstruck and of course, I embarrassed myself slightly as I normally do when my nerves kick in – as I approached, Carol told me to come stand between them, and without thinking I responded “Oh lucky me! I get to be the middle of your sandwich!”  Yep. I said it out loud. Ack! Lucky for me they both cut my awkward comment with a little giggle and we went on with our photo.

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Then it was time to party Kimmy-style! The after party was a blast. The DJ was spinning 90’s music all night and we had a fabulous time dancing with our BFF’s.  As we approached the bar, we could see they were serving Tituss’ Pinot Noir! Trays of Kimmy-inspired snacks were passed around such as PB&J sandwiches, and Mac & Cheese bites. There was even a candy bar and a photo booth!

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The entire experience was perfect. I loved getting to experience NYC for the first time with my sister and we are now incredibly pumped to watch the rest of Season 2 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt when it’s released on Friday. I know what I’ll be binge-watching all weekend!


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