It is my belief that daily chores are very important. I also believe you need to start them young. Of course always sticking to age appropriate tasks.

Being that my kids are 9 and almost 6 (as she likes to remind me every time I say she is 5), their tasks are much different than when they were younger. Some of my 9 year old’s tasks include unloading the dishwasher, taking the dogs out and cleaning the bathroom. Among my daughter’s chores are: set and clear the table, feed the dogs and tidy the shoes in the front hall. Relatively easy tasks that don’t take too much time but make them feel like they are contributing to the long list of daily and weekly chores around the home.

One of the chores around the house that is dreaded by all is laundry. Washing, sorting, folding, putting away – no one likes to do it. I will fully admit that until about 6 months ago, I had a woman who came to my house weekly and sorted, folded and put away our laundry. It was a convenience I had no problem paying for. My friends giggled at this fact but I figured it was no different than hiring a cleaning service.

With the kids getting older though, it only made sense for us to get back to doing our own laundry. My son is more than old enough to handle his and with some assistance my daughter does pretty well.

However, my son’s clothes drawers have quickly become a mess now that he’s folding his own laundry.

Before Pliio

Two problems.

1) He can’t fold correctly so his clothes end up in a bit of a half folded lump. Not something I was too picky about, I figured “hey, at least he’s doing it”.

2) When searching for a particular shirt, he ends up digging through everything and pretty much anything that was semi folded will be unfolded very quickly.

I found myself going through his drawers after a few days and refolding everything. Which I think defeated the purpose of me giving him the responsibility of folding his own laundry.

Recently I was introduced to a new product and just had to give it a try. You may have seen these in Bed, Bath and Beyond. They are called Pliio Clothing Filers.


The idea is quite simple but incredibly genius! The clothes are folded around the Pliio filers and then go neatly in to the drawer. The clothes stay folded neatly, making it easy to find what you are looking for. The best part is that they were so easy to use that my son had no trouble folding them.

Pliio Clothing Filers are a great way to involve kids in the folding process.

They come in 3 different sizes. My son used the smallest sizes for his t-shirts and the medium size for his long sleeve shirts. The largest sizes are perfect for sheets. I’m looking forward to reorganizing my linen closet.


You can even purchase Pliio bins that fit right in to the drawers. They will fit either two rows of small across one way or one row of medium across the other. Or as you can see by what I did, you can mix and match the sizes in a bin.  Remember that BEFORE picture above?  Well here is the AFTER!

Pliio Clothing Filers help keep your clothes folded neatly.

Not only can my son now fold his own laundry neatly, he can easily see where everything is and there’s no more digging for his favourite t-shirt.

I am slightly obsessed with this product and will definitely be heading out to purchase more. My husband and I could definitely use some organization in our own drawers.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. I was given the product for free to test out and post a review. All opinions are true and mine. I actually do love Pliio, I think it’s a genius product and will definitely be purchasing more and implementing this system in my home. 


Jenn Perry

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