Advent calendars have been a tradition in my family since I was very young.  They made the month of December feel just that much more special.  We always received the typical chocolate advent calendar and when I had kids of my own, I continued the tradition.

However, a friend shared an idea that I found very interesting.  DIY Advent Calendars.   I loved this idea and decided to give it a try.

It’s no secret my kids love books.  From a very young age we read to them – with our first, we were those parents who hooked up a microphone to my belly and read to him in utero.  Reading is an important part of our kids daily lives.

So naturally, the idea of “a book a day” was the type of advent calendar that fit our style.



I will note that I used 25 books but I believe that a typical advent calendar is only 24 days.  You can do either – 25 just  means they get to open the last one Christmas day.  


This batch is for my 5 year old daughter.  I managed to find an assortment if books at Dollarama from between $1-$2 each that I know she will love.  I also bought all the wrapping paper, ribbon and foam stockings there.  This project cost me a total of $38 and I have enough wrap and ribbon left over for when I do the 2nd batch of books for my son.



My favourite part was these little foam stockings as tags.  I used the ribbon to tie them on and then when I was finished, I numbered each one to represent the book they will open that night.

Not only was this DIY advent calendar project simple, easy and quick to put together, it looks fantastic and I know my kids eyes will just light up at the idea of opening a new book every night.

xo – J


Does your family do advent calendars for the holidays?  What is your family tradition?


Jenn Perry

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