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I’ve been staring at the blank wall above my bed for months, trying to figure out what I wanted there.  I love canvas art but as it can get pretty pricey, have held off buying anything.  We need many other more functional items for our house so it seems decorating is the lowest priority.

Then I hit the dollar store the other day for my bi-weekly trip.  I like to just walk around and see if they have anything new.   I have some fantastic dollar store finds in my home, mostly for organizing.  However, when I spotted blank canvas for $2 each, I couldn’t resist.

I do not have an artistic bone in my body by the way.  Not to say that I don’t enjoy doing arts & crafts, I just have zero talent.  I’m more of a paint-by-numbers type.  I draw people as stick figures.  However, I love to scrapbook, come up with crafts for the kids, I even tried quilting a few years ago (and am thinking of giving it another shot but that’s a discussion for another day).  Even though my “art” doesn’t usually look as good as what others can do, I still really enjoy it.

IMAG2864My total cost for supplies (all from the dollar store) was just under $13.  This was for 3 canvas’, 4 bottles of paint, a package of sponge-brushes and some peel & stick stencils.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do when I bought it, I literally grabbed these things hoping I’d come up with an idea when I got home.  The term “abstract” was going through my mind and I figured if it wasn’t good enough for the bedroom, I’m sure I could find a closet or something to decorate.  (hehe)


Looking at the supplies I decided to just mix it up a bit.  I wanted to use the square stencils but knew I’d need a base colour first.  I went with 1 black and two a mix of gold & silver.  I applied the first coat, let it dry, then applied a 2nd coat.  I went with stripes as they are easy enough and didn’t need to be perfectly straight for the purpose of this project.

IMAG2868Once the paint dried, I added the stencils.  I didn’t really have a method to my madness, I just kept adding them until I ran out.  Randomly all over the canvas.  At this point, I realized they weren’t sticking great but I continued any way.


Then I painted over them.  I went with solid black over the two gold/silver canvas’ and then when I couldn’t decide on either gold or silver to go over the black on, I got a little creative… well, as creative as I can.  I just sort of started painting.  Not sure where I was going with it.  Was definitely worried it looked awful but kept going.  Hey, if it looks awful, then I just go buy another canvas right?

IMAG2870The design turned out a little strange.  I wasn’t quite sure what my hubby was going to think, especially if it was something we’d want hung anywhere in the house.  I was in a zone though and kept going.

IMAG2871While the paint was drying, I accidentally spilled a little bit of black paint on the gold/silver piece.  So then I figured “wth” and went with it.  I started splatting more paint all over, whipping my paint brush in all directions (and getting paint all over my island!!… but it washed right off, phew)!  The kids thought I was nuts as they were eating dinner while I was doing this.  My son asked why I was “ruining” my painting.  haha!!

After leaving the paint to dry, it was time to peel up the sticker-stencils.  I actually really liked the painting as it was but couldn’t just leave them on so I continued on!  Unfortunately as the paint was drying I could clearly see they were lifting on some of the edges allowing paint to go underneath.  I was a bit disappointed at first.  Then I thought about it and figured that the flaws maybe added some charm?  Okay, it’s a stretch but I was really trying to keep motivated to finish. As I mentioned in my new years resolutions, I have a nasty habit of not finishing projects I start.

So after peeling them off, I had my final creation!  Hubby stared at it for a few minutes, then said he really liked it.  I still don’t know if he was just being nice or if he really likes it but he agreed to hang it in the bedroom so I guess that’s something.  🙂


Ta-Da!!  Haha  Well it’s definitely not museum quality but it’s something I started and finished.  I will be hanging them proudly!  I think for $13, my discount DIY art project a la dollarstore turned out just great – and if anyone looks at it funny, I can just tell them the kids made it.  Ohhhh which gets me thinking – I could buy more and get the kids to make custom art for their rooms!!  Sweet!



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