Handmade no sew pillows

Its that time of year again when everyone is switching their home decor over to their holiday favourites, what easier way to update than throw pillows! Pillow covers are one of the easiest ways to update your living space at a low cost and if you can’t sew I have an easy way for you to do it!

One of my favourite no sew adhesives is HeatnBond Tape. This amazing product can literally fix any alteration or hem in your home! It is great for hemming pants AND curtains or fixing that ripped knee on your kids jeans! For a high use item like throw pillows or pillowcase you want to use the Ultrahold kind that will last through many washes. You can find this adhesive at Fabricland, Michael’s and other craft supply stores!


The benefit of throw pillows is that you can use any type of fabric you like for the cover, be it a heavy weight or cotton weight fabric. For these ones I chose a fun quilting cotton from Fabricland’s Christmas collection.


Lets gather all that we need!

DIY No sew Pillow supplies

A Throw pillow (or many if you’re doing them all!)

Fabric-at least half a metre/yard (pre-washed to prevent shrinkage!)

HeatnBond Ultrahold

Scissors (Make sure that you’ve got good ones only for fabric or your side cuts will be sloppy!)

An iron & ironing board-no ironing board? A towel on the floor works great too!


You will need to cut your fabric to these dimensions for a 14in square pillow: Width-14in plus an extra inch for the HeatnBond side seams. For length- 14in x2 plus an extra 6 inches for overlap= 34in long

Dimensions of No sew pillow cover

The first thing we have to do is finish the edges of each end. This prevents any fraying and gives it a nice finished look! Place your adhesive along the wrong side of the fabric edge and iron down on wrong side of fabric. Once applied you want to pull off that handy paper and fold down that section and iron again. Check out that clean edge!

 Finished ends of no sew pillow cover

Next you need to find the center of the fabric length and mark this on each side. From here, measure 7 inches from each point to give you 14 inches.


Lets turn it into a cover now! You are now working on the RIGHT SIDE of the fabric! Iron down 14 inches of your HeatnBond along that line on each side. Take off the paper and fold up one of the ends with no adhesive and iron it down then do the same to the other side. They should overlap by about 5 inches. Holding that flap back, iron on some Heat n Bond at that length, peel off the paper and iron the flap down.

Finishing the no sew pillow cover

Now comes the fun part, turn it around! Open up the little “envelope” and pull that pretty fabric out. You want to make sure you push out those corners really well for crisp edges. Once you have it all facing the right way give it a really good pressing as this will make it look much cleaner once the pillow is inside.

IMG_8909 IMG_8908


Putting the pillow in can be a little tricky if you’ve never used a cover like this so here’s a little collage of how I did it!


Best part about this is you can also use this technique for pillowcases too! Just make sure that you have a good 6 inch overlap on the back and you can have festive bed pillows too! I’m thinking of doing all my throw pillows now, each in a different holiday design, it will certainly add some flair to my living room!

Handmade no sew pillows

I love hearing about how my tutorials are used so be sure to leave a comment if you give this a try! Also don’t forget to “Pin” any of the pictures for future reference!

Happy Crafting- Aimee 🙂


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