Fitness: You & Your Family by April P.


I thought this would be a great topic to broach, especially when we are keeping updated on Jenn and her fitness journey. Is fitness a big part of your life? Why or why not?

Fitness to me is an important part of my life, even more so as I age, and something I really have tried to instill in my son since birth. Still working on getting hubby to my level of enjoyment when it comes to getting active, but we are slowly working on it! My son, he is 4, actually puts me through mini bootcamp sessions, which is clear my influence of working out is having an effect. I try to make fitness fun and encourage him to do it along with me in all my at home workouts (and truthfully I do not have a gym membership!). Laughing, running and playing are all burning calories and being active. My goal is to keep the aspect of getting active as a normal thing for him, so later in life it isn’t seen as a chore, but something he enjoys doing and continues on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be nice if we never had that extra 10-20 lbs to lose in the first place? If I can give this gift to my child it is totally worth it!

Life is busy. It is hard to fit it in, no arguing that, but my outlook is that it should be scheduled like an appointment, a must do 3-5 times a week. How many of us don’t miss our favourite television shows? Make it fun, do something you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a boring treadmill! To ramp up my fitness level and encourage my friends to get active with me I decided to run a non-profit bootcamp this spring/summer twice per week. It was been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I am watching so many women increase their fitness, have fun while doing it, and this absolutely elates me! I am seeing them change physically, getting messages that they are more motivated than ever, and watching them continue being fit at home by taking on at home challenges I’ve provided. We’ve set up a mini daycare during the sessions so the kids too are able to play at the park (be active too!) and watch their mother’s be positive role models working out. I have met so many new people from ladies bringing their friends, mothers, daughters and from word of mouth, some of which I can see me being friends with for a long time!

If fitness isn’t a priority for you, I CHALLENGE YOU to make it a priority. Do it for you, and your family. Start with one week at a time. See where that goes. If you don’t succeed in week one, try again in week two. Keep at it. I promise you will feel better (maybe after the initial burn), but it does wonders for your mood as well as your body. If you need help getting started grab a friend, your spouse, child, and start by going for a walk together. Your goal should be to be active, possibly build and/or tone muscle, and have fun. And… you don’t need to spend a fortune to do this. Good luck!


April is a working mom and wife to a stay at home hubby who cares for their 4 year old son. One of her goals in life is to make being mom one of her greatest success stories.  You may remember her from other guests posts, her insight and advice is always spot on and she is a role model for so many women. 



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