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Because old blog posts deserve love too – here’s a #TBT post from 2011. This one still makes me laugh every time I read it! 

It’s hard not to think that maybe our kids were sent to us simply to be entertainment.  I can literally sit on the couch and watch my kids for hours.  Playing, singing, arguing.  It’s funny, heartwarming and full of suspense!  Dare I say it’s better than TV? (Okay, maybe not better than Grey’s Anatomy but close).  *wink*

I’m sure many would agree that I have been blessed with hilarious children.  I enjoy sharing the daily events that occur in my house, especially recently as my daughter is midway through “the terrible two’s”.  So for my sanity, I have decided all I can do is laugh (and add a few more baby-gates to our house).  I have created a list of some of my most memorable moments over the last couple of months to share with you today.  My personal FB friends have probably heard most of these at some point or another and there are some new ones I don’t believe I have ever shared.  So without further adieu, For Our Entertainment…

–    Waking up to a trail of red marker around my entire house (doors, carpets, windows).  Once I follow said trail, I am led to a little girl covered head to toe in red marker.

–    Catching her sharing her breakfast with the dogs.

–    Walking into the kitchen to find that she’s pulled the stool up to the counter, reached a box of cereal and is now feeding them to the dog.

–    Randomly letting the dogs out of their crates.

–    Waking up to “Mommy, let me out of my crate”!!  (We had put a baby gate in her doorway to stop her from the mischief she typically causes in the mornings when she sneaks out of her room).

–    Asking her to go upstairs to get her shoes, finding her a few minutes later sitting on the floor of in my shower with the glass door closed trying to get them on?

–    Finding a very slippery floor after she dumped shampoo all over the floor & tub of her bathroom.

–    Walking into her bathroom again a few days later and finding she has now emptied an entire tube of pink toothpaste all over the floor.

–    Walked into MY bathroom a few days after that and she has emptied yet another tube of toothpaste into a bowl I had sitting beside the tub.

–    Waking up to the smell of bleach, freaking out thinking she’s somehow gotten into the cleaning products, only to realize that she woke up and decided she’d clean the house with a rag I had used the day before to clean the bathrooms (she had pulled it out of the laundry hamper).

–    Hearing her scream “Mommy I pooped” only to realize she had taken off her pull-up and the poop was in her pant-leg.

–    Getting her up from a nap and admiring her “poop pictures” she drew on the walls.

–    Finding pee in her toy potty that came with a doll… and then catching her a few days later squatting over it again to pee.

–    Using an entire container of diaper-rash cream on her dolls & stuffed animals (SEE PICTURE HERE).

And my personal favourite:

–    Catching her licking a stick of deodorant… and later finding a teeth-marked chunk out of the other stick.


She did learn from the best though… an honourable mention goes to her brother for “the face paint incident of 2009” when he snuck out of his room early one morning and did this.



xo – J


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