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While I have been writing in one capacity or another for many years now, the past year has been a game changer for me.  I know that I owe a lot of this to the amazing network of bloggers that I now find myself in the middle of. The wonderfully fresh thing about bloggers is the complete lack of competition and their ability to want to help each other out as much as possible. I’m still in awe of this, as every other aspect of life seems to hold some sort of competitive nature *cough* motherhood *cough*

With that said, I introduce you to my new weekly post; Getting to Know…!  Each week I will be featuring another writer/blogger from my various networks. While I love that you are here, I do hope that you also visit around as they each have their own unique, creative spaces on the web that are worth checking out!  So let’s get started.

This week we are Getting To Know…

anne radcliff food retroAnne Radcliff – FOOD RETRO


ABOUT ANNE: Kitchen Scientist. Organivore. Urban Homesteading Neophyte. Throwback Foodie. Tinkerer. Keeper of Cookies and other Deliciousness. Mom.

WHY WE LOVE HER: This kitchenista is smart, funny and makes our mouths water with her fantastic creations. You MUST check out her recipe for Dill Pickle Bread and we can’t wait to try making our own Marshmallows!  “Once you eat one of these suckers, you’ll realize that every other marshmallow you’ve ever had is stale by an order of magnitude. Every. Single. One.”


Share one item from your bucket list: I want to do an extreme winter vacation in Iceland and hang out somewhere close to the arctic circle. I want to see the northern lights, take some photos of the Milky Way, tour glaciers, sit in the hot springs and party through the long dark nights.

Name a product you can’t live without: This is tough. I can probably live without most things. But if I had to pick one thing, it’d probably be my phone, currently an HTC One, which is my personal and business lifeline. And it makes the coolest little video montages, too.

Tell us something funny: A guy walked into a bar and said ouch.

Share a recent post: When you’ve been around the kitchen a few times, you pick up some handy tips and tricks. Some are frugal, some are practical, some you wonder why the heck have never made it into the general pool of knowledge.  READ MORE on How Not To Stink, and Other Kitchen Hacks That Don’t Suck on Food Retro.

A huge thank you to Anne from Food Retro for jumping in the deep end and being my first “Getting to know” victim. 😉  Be sure to check out her page and send her some social media love as well. 


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