If you grew up in Canada during the 90’s… #TBT


Do you ever have those moments that bring back childhood memories that were long tucked away in storage? Today I had such a moment and it brought back a fun memory, and since it’s fittingly Throw Back Thursday today, I figured I would share!

When I was about 13, I was so in love with the Canadian band The Killjoys. Especially the bass player Shelley Woods who I had a huge crush on! I remember going to the Ex one summer and my friend and I snuck in to their sound check. We sat under a tree beside the stage and tried to just be calm so they wouldn’t kick us out – he came over after they were done and asked what we thought of the sound check and then the rest of the band came over and everyone sat down. An hour later, there was a huge group of us including members from Sandbox (including Mike Smith who you will now know as “Bubbles” from Trailer Park Boys) and the Rainbow Butt Monkeys (which later became Finger 11). Only in Canada would musicians just hang out with their teeny-bopper fans like that. Was so cool. I am certain I still have their autographs in a photo album somewhere in my garage!

Another great memory from that show was that it was where I got my first black eye! Ya, I know that doesn’t really seem like something you would describe as a “great” memory, however since that night was such fun, even the black eye was awesome (and it made for great story telling over the next few days). During the concert that night, everyone was dancing and there was some crowd surfing going on. I yelled to my friend “That looks like so much fun!!” and the guy beside me got down on his knee and put his hands together and yelled to me “You want a boost?” – so I did! And it was a lot of fun! Except when another crowd surfer and I got a little too close and his Dock Martin boot whacked me in the face, hard. LOL! I definitely wish I had a picture, but for a couple days afterwards I had a beautiful shiner and I was so proud of it. haha

Anyway, here are two #TBT videos that may be a blast from the past if you grew up in Canada during the 90’s!

What bands did you love when you were younger?


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