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Recently I ventured in to Toronto from the east end on the Go Train. It was hot, humid and dry. The temperature registered in the high 30’s with a very high humidex rating. I’d forgotten my water bottle in the car and I was parched. An hour later I dragged myself off the train, and followed the crowds through the Skywalk. Talk about hot! The sun was beating down into that little glass tunnel.

I went to many wrong places before finally finding the CanFit Pro World Fitness show – my ultimate destination.

First thing I did was head over to the Strauss Canada booth for a close look at the Strauss WaterBar. You see, I’d read about this innovative product. It claimed to serve 3 different temperatures of water: chilled, boiling, and room temp – all at the touch of a button. I was, needless to say, most interested in the ‘chilled’ button.

As promised the water was cold and even better, it lacked the usual tastes of the chlorine I’ve come accustom to with my tap water. (I can only imagine – and dream – about how good coffee made with this water would taste!)

Awhile back my fridge filter ran out, I keep meaning to get to the appliance store to pick up a new one but it’s such a pain, time consuming and not at the top of my list of priorities. So I suffer with the tap. I very much dislike the taste of chlorine, and whatever else is hanging out in my tap water.

It is small enough to sit on your counter and I really like the colour options. I’d love to get one for my son who is headed off to university next month. No more need for disposable plastic water bottles, kettles, or running the tap to get it to the temperature you want.

strauss water bar colours

This appliance triple filters the water to remove all the nasty stuff that gives it that bad taste as it purifies the water. No bad taste, just clean, fresh water the way I want it.

The Strauss WaterBar is hooked right up to your plumbing. A little more inquiring and I found out it uses a filter and a UV light. The filter lasts for 6 months and the UV light lasts for 12. They are both auto shipped to your home. You can get product and pricing info here:

With a press of another button, the Strauss Water Bar also can give you boiled water ready for a tea bag or room temperature. What do you think of that?

I think a heck of a lot about it. So much so that this will be the first item on my birthday wish list!

Strauss Water Bar


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