Apparently I went through a moment of insanity in early June when I stated that I couldn’t wait for the kids to be done school.  All because I was sick of having to make lunches at night.  Someone should have taken a frying pan to my head when I said that.

Ok so summer has actually been pretty great.  I do love spending time with my kids and feel very blessed to have the life we do.  We had a fantastic family vacation, have done some great activities, spent a lot of time at the park, the kids enjoyed their summer sports… but over the last few days, I’ve definitely started to notice the feeling that maybe it’s time for summer vacation to be over.

And this morning, I determined that my loving, kind, caring children that have been getting along so well over the summer, have been taken over by some sort of poltergeist.

That seems like the only explanation to what I awoke to this morning.

Now I’m pretty darn lucky because although my kids have always been the type to wake with the sun, over the last year or so, they’ve become quite independent in the mornings.  They get dressed on their own, then my oldest (8) makes breakfast (he can do cereal, toast and fruit) and then he keeps his sister entertained.  This gives me a little extra snooze time and I can usually enjoy my morning coffee before they really care for much of my attention.  The main reason I think they leave me alone though is because until I am up, they can play video games or watch as much TV as they want and my daily limits on those things don’t take effect until I come downstairs.

Most mornings, I wake up to the sounds of them giggling over some funny joke that only they seem to understand.  This morning, I woke up to the sound of what I can only think the neighbours must have thought was some sort of domestic dispute.

Yelling… no, screaming.  Two children, at the top of their lungs, screaming at each other, back and forth, neither really listening to the other, both repeating the same things over and over.  I awoke with such a jolt that even frightened my dogs laying on the floor beside my bed.

They were arguing about some game they were playing on the tablets.  I couldn’t even tell you about what exactly, as when I ran downstairs and confronted them, they both started tattling on the other and the shrill voices sort of floated above my head and out the front door.  I took the tablets from each of them, told them they had lost electronics and tv privileges for the entire day and separated them each to their own rooms to cool down and relax for a bit.

While normally this way of handling things would have ended in a little moping as they walked off to their bedrooms and an apology a few minutes later while we discussed what happened in calm voices, I was not so lucky this morning.  My oldest stomped his feet loudly the entire way, mumbling something about how unfair life is and then slamming his bedroom door.  The other began a crying drama-filled tantrum that you’d expect from a 2 year old… complete with full on throwing herself on the floor and flailing limbs.

I’m pretty sure someone could have scooped my jaw off the floor after witnessing this.

While the rest of the day did get better, I did see further glimpses into what the next 13 12 days are going to look like.  Tonight I decided it was about time we get back on schedule – both kids in bed by 7:30pm which is our regular school-night bedtime.  My daughter sobbing because “it’s still daytime outside!” but then falling asleep only moments later.

So next June, when I make a statement about being excited that school is almost done, the frying pans are kept in the cupboard under the island, there’s a big cast-iron one in there that will definitely knock some sense into me.  Then hand me a pamphlet for day-camp and circle the 2 weeks at the end of August in big red marker.

xo – J





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