Like many young kids, my 9 year old son is a LEGO fanatic. He takes after his dad who not only grew up spending hours and hours building his creations, he still enjoys it as an adult. When you ask my son what he wants to be when he grows up, he will proudly tell you he wants to be a LEGO Master Builder.

We have been to LEGOLAND Theme Park in Florida while on vacation so when we found out there was a LEGOLAND Discovery Centre practically in our backyard, we were absolutely thrilled to check it out. Even our 5 year old daughter is starting to get in to LEGO now so we had hoped it would be the perfect family outing.

Conveniently located inside Vaughan Mills Mall, we headed to LEGOLAND on a Saturday. There was plenty of free parking, and the two kids were extremely excited when they spotted the large LEGOLAND sign. It was not hard to find.

From the moment you get in line to pick up your tickets, you can see just how amazing it is. My kids looked around in awe. The pillars were filled with LEGO bricks and even the lamps hanging from the ceiling were LEGO shaped.




Upon entering, you have the opportunity to see how LEGO bricks are made through an interactive “factory” tour. This was especially cool for my son who loves to see how everything is made.



Next up was the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride. Up to 5 people per cart are challenged to use laser guns and zap as many bad guys as possible. Each rider gets a chance to view their score which my kids thought was fantastic. Who would have thought my 5 year old would kick our you-know-whats, toping all our scores by a huge margin.



After the ride you are taken through Mini Land Toronto. This miniature view of Downtown Toronto is definitely worth seeing. Famous landmarks such as City Hall, Young & Dundas Square, the Air Canada Centre and of course, the CN Tower. In addition they also have Pearson Airport and even Niagara Falls. Every few minutes, the room switches from day to night turning on all the lights in the buildings and giving you another great view of the city.



After Mini Land, you will arrive in the main hall which contains the rest of the fun activities included in your visit. What I love about this area is that while it can be a bit crowded, there is only one way out so it’s easy to feel safe that your kids won’t get lost of separated from you.

The kids headed straight to the LEGO Racers Build and Test area where they each impressively built their own vehicle to race down the ramp alongside the other kids. We spent almost a good 45 minutes building, testing, and racing with other kids. Even my husband got in on the building action, helping the kids perfect their vehicles.

Legoland-car-race legoland-car


Our next stop was the 4D Cinema. I love that they post the next show time countdown on the wall so we were able to know just how long we would be waiting in line. After just a few minutes, we were heading in to the theatre. Like a 3D movie, you are given glasses for the show, however what makes this film 4D is that they including the experience of feeling wind, rain, and snow on your face. They show several different movies on rotation so you can actually return to the Cinema multiple times during your visit to see the different shows available.



The highlight ride of the day was Merlin’s Apprentice. In this ride, we had to peddle our way up to the sky. This ride seats 2 together, 1 adult and 1 child – and unlike some rides where the pedaling is just for show, we learned quickly that this one truly reacts to how fast you move those feet. Lots of laughter between my daughter and I trying to keep our cart up high!

One of the coolest features in my opinion is the very large play structure. It is closed off by a gate with an attendant and once your child is inside, they cannot leave until the parents make themselves known to the attendant. Hubby and I grabbed a coffee and sat down nearby while the kids burned off some energy in there.



For kids ages 2-5 there is the LEGO Duplo Village. My daughter really enjoyed this area as well, especially the giant foam LEGO bricks.



At this point the kids were ready for a snack so we headed to the café. It is set up cafeteria style with many healthy snack options at a reasonable price. They even had gluten free (GF) options which my GF son was very happy about.

Another highlight of the day was the LEGO Master Builder Academy. This is a 30 minute class where the kids are walked through a LEGO project. Both kids were able to easily follow along and thoroughly enjoyed it.

When the kids were ready to leave, we headed to the LEGO store where you can check out all the newest LEGO releases. Be prepared, you must go through the store to exit and your kids (and possibly husband) will want to buy everything!



We had a really fantastic family fun day at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. There was plenty to keep the kids occupied and a lot of variety for the different age groups.

My son summed up the day perfectly: “Everything is Awesome at LEGOLAND!”


Jenn Perry

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