liar liar

Ah the ‘ol white lie! It’s amazing how kids will not quite get this concept and how it leaves us parents in quite the predicament at times.

Like when my husband tried to surprise me for my birthday but my son told me everything because “lies are bad”. Or when my mother-in-law made dinner and my daughter had to quite loudly say “Mommy & Daddy told me to say dinner was delicious but I don’t want to lie to you”. Ahhh kids!

Luckily our kids have been pretty good (so far, knock on wood) with the whole lying thing and are usually quite honest with us. We know that will change as they grow up and test boundaries but we want to make sure they learn the difference between a little white lie and a flat out lie. The great thing this day and age is that we have many books and shows that are great at explaining these lessons in a way that will keep their attention.

Here are some great titles that do just that:

For your big kids:

  1. Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!
  2. H2O: Just Add Water
  3. Mean Girls
  4. iCarly: S1, E12: iPromise not to Tell

And for teens and parents:

  1. Bloodline
  2. Just Go With It
  3. Liar, Liar
  4. Pretty Little Liars

What is one WHITE LIE you have told recently?

Disclosure: This blog is a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam. As always, the opinions are real.


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