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The Lost & Found box at the school seems to be a second home for many of my kids things. Especially this time of year, when hats, scarves and mitts seem to go missing on a regular basis. Case and point, my son has already lost not one but two hats this year, and one unfortunately never even made it to the Lost & Found box.

Luckily for us, this is the first year we have not had to worry about mitts going missing. That’s because we started using Smart Mitts – and like their name, are literally the smartest product out there. I even included them in my Holiday Gift Guide this year because they are THAT good.

Smart Mitts - a new product to keep your kids mitts attached

The idea behind Smart Mitts is familiar. Many of us grew up with mittens that were attached together by a string. My great-grandmother used to make them for us! In theory, the idea has always been a great one, however we have come to realize that there are safety concerns when it comes to the little ones and then of course you are typically limited to wool mittens which aren’t always practical for playing in the wet snow, especially when they are in daycare or school and go outside several times per day.

Smart Mitts take this idea to the next level. Waterproof mittens with Thinsulate to keep their hands warm and dry; attached around their back with a safe, stretchy band that moves with them. The band ensures the mitts stay on your child while they play and attached to their coat when they are not in use. No more mitts in the Lost & Found box!

Smart Mitts - a great product which keeps the mitts on your child!

My daughter absolutely loves her purple pair and has been wearing them daily for weeks now. She fell hands first in to the mud last week and not only did the inside stay completely dry and clean, they were a breeze to clean.

The best part, no more having to buy several pairs of mitts each season. The quality of Smart Mitts is high and I expect these to last several seasons, saving me lots of money! They also come in several colours and sizes. I’m hooked and I know you will be too!

They would of course make a fantastic gift! You can buy them online and have them shipped directly to you.

And be sure to check them out on Facebook to stay updated on news and specials. Be sure to come back and let me know what you think of them!


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