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How I made my house a home with the power of my black leather couch

my black leather couch

Are you a sentimental person? Because, I don’t think I am. I don’t have the corsage from my high school prom pressed between two books nor have I saved a bloom from my wedding bouquet. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think twice about throwing out a slightly used item. I’m the kind of person that gets lost in the moment, too busy soaking up experiences to pause and collect momentos. This is why I am puzzled by my attachment to my black leather couch.

As my beloved couch approaches its twentieth birthday, it seems like only yesterday that my husband and I scoured furniture stores looking to replace our deteriorating, baby destroyed furniture. As with all large furniture purchases, we considered many factors. Good value, functionality and durability were absolute musts. In other words, I didn’t want to worry about baby’s diaper leaks, runny noses or chocolate covered fingers destroying our new couch. Black leather seemed to be the obvious solution.

Looking back, I realize that my connection to this piece of furniture crept up on me. Has that ever happened to you ? Have you ever suddenly realized that an inanimate object that you possess hits you in the heart? Whether it is your mixer, that makes a racket when you plug it in but makes that “best ever” dessert or your first car parked in the back of your dad’s garage covered in rust that you have convinced yourself is a collector’s item.

We moved several times over the years and the one thing that was never left behind was that black leather couch. But how could anyone resist the striking classic appeal of a black piece of furniture. It’s the little black dress of couches. It can look casual or formal, contemporary or traditional. Or the way the soft leather wraps your body in luxury. It looked great no matter where we placed it and best of all,it was baby proof!

If you look at my couch today, you might see it as old and worn. What I see is a soft patina on a pleasantly aged item. I close my eyes and hear the laughter of my babies as they jump up and down on its cushions, I remember the parties and girlfriend gatherings in its midst. And then I am hit with the realization… I AM a sentimental person! And wherever I live, my black leather couch will make my house a home.

What makes your house a home ?



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