Dora the explorer happy feet two my friend bernard netflix

In case I haven’t bragged about it enough yet (or you missed the memo) I took the kids on a vacation (sans hubby) to sunny Florida for March Break.

Today was 22 degrees and SUNNY – not a cloud in the sky!

Swimming in Florida
My daughter lives in the pool now… lol

Ya ya, I know, for those of you suffering in colder climates right now, I’m sorry.

Being in a warm climate means we are go, go, go all day.  The house we rented has a pool so the kids are swimming for 4+ hours every day (I swear they are going to turn into fish before we leave).  However, even on vacation, we need to all take a little time out and come in to the A/C for a little break.

The perfect break for us is a Netflix movie time-out.

A comfy couch, blanket, pillows and of course a bag of microwave popcorn: the recipe for the perfect cuddle time with my kiddos.

My youngest LOVES LOVES LOVES Dora The Explorer, Happy Feet Two and My Friend Bernard!

Dora the explorer happy feet two my friend bernard netflix

My oldest, who loves to watch movies adapted from books, really enjoyed Gulliver’s Travels and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. In addition, him and his sister were giggling their heads off watching The Croods together while dinner was being made.

gullivers travels a series of unfortunate events the croods 

We are super excited that the movie Turbo was just added to the Netflix lineup today!!  We already have a date planned at the couch to watch together.

Netflix Turbo

So while we definitely love taking advantage of the weather, all mom’s know that breaks are definitely needed on the best of days (especially when I’m a single parent for the week… mama needs a time out!).  What better way than a fun movie-time-out together!

Because life is tough and we all need a break sometimes.  😉


xo – J

Comment Question: What are you currently watching on Netflix?

Disclaimer: I wrote this post as a member of the Netflix Canada Stream Team. As always, all opinions are mine and I totally think you should all get Netflix now!  Seriously. 


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