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I have to ask.  What on earth did we do before smart phones?  Seriously?  While some of you probably fall in the “slightly obsessed” category like me, even those with limited smart phone use will admit that there are some handy apps out there.  I’m not going to talk about the obvious ones (I’m pretty sure by now we all have the Facebook app and we are pretty comfortable with our current calendar – Google Calendar is my fav if you were wondering), there are some apps that I use on a frequent basis and honestly, I feel like I’d be lost without them!

Now because I’m a ‘droid user and I know there are lots of you iPhone users out there – and not all apps are available for both, this list is apps that are available on Android – but it’s worth checking iTunes to see if they may be available for you as well… I did note the ones I know you can get – I’m such a nice person!   If you are an iPhone user and know of a comparable app to the ones I recommend, please go ahead and post it in the comments!


MY DAYS X – Period & Ovulation Calendar – by Christian Albert Mueller

My Days period

My DaysOk ladies, I start off with probably the most essential app for all women with a uterus (and I just scared away any of the guys who might have wandered over here).  Whether you are TTC or just want to keep track of your cycle, this is a fantastic application.  It’s easy to use, you can customize colours and the app name & icon are vague enough that someone else looking at your phone won’t be able to tell what it is.  

The calendar adapts to your cycle, meaning that based on the previous entries, it gets better at predicting when aunt flo will be visiting next and when you will be ovulating.   There are options to keep track of which days you were “intimate”, you can mark daily if you took the pill (so no more guessing after a busy day), you can even add notes about your mood and other details if you are trying to track more details about your cycle.  If TTC, you can even track your temperatures & weight.

Absolutely a must-have app so go download it now!!

From what I can tell, this is available for both Android & iPhone



shopping list maloii android shopping list maloii android 2I recently discovered this app and after my first trip to the grocery store with it, I was hooked.  There are several options depending on how you like to put together your shopping list – my favourite is the voice input!  Simply touch the microphone button, say the item you want to add to the list and voila!  I wrote my grocery list in half the time that it usually takes me – plus, you can rearrange the order of items on the list if you are like me and need the list in the order of where you will be in the store.

There is also a barcode scanner if you want to add items directly from your pantry or fridge.

You can create multiple lists, and title each one differently (ie: by store name).  The main app is free, however there is also a handy widget you can download for $1.00 if you are more of a widget person.

I have tried a few different shopping list apps and this is by far the simplest but most efficient in my opinion.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!


CHECKOUT 51 – by Checkout 51 Inc. 

checkout-51 Checkout51While we are on the subject of Groceries, how about an app that non-couponers (and couponers alike) will love.  If you are not using Checkout 51 yet, then you will probably be a little miffed to find out that you have been missing out on cash!

The concept is simple – each week, Checkout 51 lists items that have a cash back value.  If you buy any of those items, you simply need to upload your grocery receipt and bam, cash in your account!

Once you reach $20, they send you a cheque.

Just for uploading your first receipt, you get $2.00 in your account, then from there just look for items you would normally buy and see if you can be collecting some money.

This app is available for both Android and iPhone.  🙂



MEMORIES – The Diary – by Victor Nakonechny

memories the diary memories the diary 2I am absolutely in love with this app – not just for it’s ability to make journaling super-simple, but for the fact that it reminds me to journal at all.  I honestly think journaling is a lost art and it probably has much to do with our crazy, technology filled lives.  While a written journal is amazing (and if you do it, I’m jealous of you), realistically, many of us just don’t.  So what’s a girl to do?

Memories is very simple to use – you can enter text entries, add photos and even audio (perfect for keeping audio recordings of your kids)!   The journal is even password protected and can be backed up and restored if needed.  You can even export entries (including the photos) and print them.


Are there any apps I’m missing from this list?  What apps do you recommend and why?

xo – J


Disclaimer: I was NOT asked to review these apps.  This is NOT a sponsored post.  I received no compensation and these opinions are mine. I just like the apps. That’s it 🙂  


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