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My Apocalist - and what I'm doing about it - That's What She Said

With 2017 just around the corner, it’s that time of year when some (many?) of us starting thinking of those New Years Resolutions… the ones we failed this past year, and the ones we promise* to keep next year.

You know what?! I’m done with yearly resolutions.

D-O-N-E. Done.

I don’t think I’ve been successful EVER and then I just end up feeling like a failure every December. Who wants that?

Instead, I’m going to spend my time concentrating on my Apocalist (think Bucket-list) – and what I’m doing to make those things happen.

My list is huge, and I know the reality in life is that I may never get to everything. I’m okay with that though. If I can live my life and do even a 10th of the items on my list, I’m going to die a very happy and fulfilled woman.

While many of them are many years off, there are a few that I’m working on for over the next year. The best part – unlike resolutions, if I don’t end up achieving all of them, I won’t feel like a failure. They were simply meant to be checked off another day. I should warn you that most of my list involves travel.

So for 2017, so far I have in these apocalist items in the works:

  • New York City – I went for the very first time this past spring with my friends at Netflix (See BFF’s do NYC… Kimmy Style) and made a promise that I would go back with my husband and see more of the city. We are all booked in for 2 nights between xmas and new years, and I have plans to check off several items on my list such as going up the Empire State Building, seeing the 911 memorial, and touring the Natural History Museum.
  • The Liberty Bell – Another one that’s already booked, after NYC we’re heading south to Florida but on our way we’re making a stop in Philidelphia to see the Liberty Bell… oh and I want to at least drive through “west Philidelphia” while singing the Fresh Prince song. Haven’t told my hubby about this one yet.
  • Skydiving – We literally live 5 minutes from a skydiving facility and I spent most of my spare time this summer sitting out on our back deck watching them drop from the plane in groups of 10. This summer I’m doing it. Nothing booked yet but this is a high priority on my list.
  • Eat seafood in Boston – This summer we have plans to go on an east coast road trip and hubby and I agreed Boston is top of our list to visit. So this one might actually happen this year which I’m super stoked about.
  • Ride a double decker bus in London – So this one is a bit more tentative. We are looking at taking a week to go to London sometime in the next year and if so, this will be an easy one to check off my list. There’s a few more smaller things I’d like to do in England, like buy one of those touristy hats Joey gets on Friends, but I’ll leave those as “optional” apocalist items depending on just how much I feel like embarrassing my husband.
  • Hike the hardest trail in Gatineau Park – This past summer my husband and I took up hiking. We’ve only done easy to moderate level trails so far but there is one trail that takes you along a waterfall that looks spectacular – except it’s rated with the highest difficulty level for the park so I’m definitely going to be working my way up to that one. My hope is to do it by fall 2017.
  • See a gator in Florida – Get this… I’ve been to Florida probably a dozen times in my life, yet I’ve never seen a real life Florida alligator. I always see the signs for the areas the wild ones hang out, we drive by Gatorland, but never actually go. We’re heading to Florida the first week of January so I’m going to make sure I get to see one!!

WISHFUL THINKING: my husband and I are so incredibly overdue for a relaxing vacation south. You know what I mean ladies: all-inclusive resort, fine dining, entertainment, a beautiful beach… my husband works so hard and it’s been a whirlwind of a year for him stress-wise. I would just love to work it out. While I don’t think it’s in the budget this year, I am taking on some extra work to start saving so maybe it can happen in 2018. But if the stars align, I’m saving up a little vacation time just in case we can manage it. 🙂

I have many more but those are the ones I’m pretty certain I can tackle this year. I may just update this list as the year goes. Make sure to follow me on Snapchat (user ThatJennPerry) where I share all the good stuff. 🙂


Jenn Perry

The author Jenn Perry

Entrepreneur, Child-Wrangler and Domestic-Goddess-Wannabe, Jenn is a married, mother of two. She is also the founder of That's So Social and Editor in Chief of Travel Mavens. Likes: travel, eggs benedict, yoga pants, dogs, and Netflix.

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