My Christmas List

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Well with December upon us, I figured it was time for me to post my Christmas list.  I know my hubby occasionally heads over here to see what I’ve been saying about him (hehe) so hopefully he’ll catch this and also pass it on to my family too who might be wondering what I could use.  Hey, Mommy has been a good girl this year and I deserve it!  😉    I’m asking for more than I will get but hey, my birthday is just around the corner…

Cookie Sheets

All of my baking pans are old & rusty, probably because I don’t actually use them for baking so much as cooking dinner (and nachos… and bacon). I would LOVE a new set, preferably 2 or 3 different sizes.  Heck, if anyone has created a pan like this specifically for cooking bacon, even better!











Baking Pan

Ok so I know this is really similar to above but I had to throw 2 of mine out this year because the non-stick was coming off and they were rusting like crazy. Again, not something I use so much for baking, more for cooking – basically anything that requires a roast pan but is too small for my roast pan (make sense??)… and I’d prefer NOT non-stick as that just screws up what I’m cooking. LOL















I have asked for these for the past 2 years, this year I even asked the kids to remind daddy. lol In my old(ish) age, my feet are getting cold. I hate socks with a passion because every single time I’ve fallen down the stairs, I was wearing them. I want a good pair of house slippers. And when I say good, I mean they need to have a back on them (slip-ons are no good for me) and a rubber sole.  Basically a soft warm shoe I can wear indoors. BTW hunny, I’m a size 9 1/2. 😉















Okay so the kitchen trend may seem lame but I am a kitchen kind of girl and as offended as some may be with the gift of an appliance, I would be thrilled!!! Our blender sort of blew up (electrical fire, need I say more) so I have been using a hand blender which SORT OF does the job. However, I am ready for a “big girl” blender. A good solid one that can crush ice without sounding like it’s being murdered by glass… and of course, easy to clean *cough* dishwasher safe *cough*.

















Waterproof Tablet Case

I like to be on the net while I’m in the tub. Yep, it’s sad but if I get in the tub and my tablet or laptop is not within reach, I don’t stay in very long. I love my long baths though so the only solution (of course) is to find a way to safely use the tablet in the tub without having to angle myself over the side IN CASE I drop it (which I’m sure I will). This TuneWear Waterproof iPad case seems like the solution (as long as my tablet will fit??).












And while we’re on the subject…..

Bath Pillow

I need a new bath pillow and this one is like uber-awesome. (Bed, Bath & Beyond for $19.99 hunny!!).













Well that’s my list!!!  Not too much to ask for right?  hehehe  Okay, so let’s just say for hubbys benefit (since I know he won’t want to go to ALL these stores, I only need 2 items. The slippers (duh) and the bath pillow, both of which I bet you could get at Bed, Bath & Beyond (there’s one behind where my mom used to work, only a few minutes from the train station hubby is at twice a day…. hint hint).  Those are two items I would never buy for myself.  The tablet case is neat but I’m sure a ziplock freezer bag could do me fine.  As for the kitchen stuff, there’s always BOXING DAY SALES!!!!

xo J



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