Penny Pinch’n Greens by Natalie W.


Natalie is a S&WAHM of 6, living the life she once only dreamed of and loving every step of the way. She’s learned to live solely by  two rules:1) ”Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step, only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon, will find the right road” ~Dag Hammarskjold …and 2) ”Chocolate heals all wounds” ~unknown

The evolution of Green is a nation wide epidemic…thankfully! Going green is not only good for the environment, it’s good for the family too. In the wake economic down fall it can be tough for families to make these conscious choices without a little wallet sting. Luckily, I have some advice 🙂 There’s a number of ways you can eat green, shop green, clean green, et cetera without breaking the bank-trust me I do this daily and I’m a single parent!

First rule, get connected. Listen there’s a number of bloggers out there, with some great money saving ideas, find one! I recently stumbled upon  HealthyLifeDeals and what a blessing that’s been! Jennifer is the owner of the page and she goes out of her way every week to post coupon deals for grocers like Whole Foods, Target &, Wal-mart. If you’re not coupon savvy or say, you’re busy raising half a dozen children and don’t have enough time to research sales and coupon deals…like myself 🙂 you’ll come to quickly appreciate her blog. There’s coupon swapping, an opportunity to meet like minded people, oh- and giveaways! All in one convenient location.

There’s also Facebook fan pages for the brands you prefer like Cascadian Farms, Kashi, Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation, and so on. Connect with them and you will get in on special offers like exclusive BOGO ( Buy One Get One ) coupons. While you’re online go to the websites of the brands you like, many offer coupons you can print right from home-if you don’t have a printer you can request the coupons be mailed to you!

If you have a Facebook profile you can also enter Facebook fan page giveaways! I recently won a prize package from KleanKanteen’s fan page which included their newest addition to the Klean Kanteen family of stainless steel water bottles-The Reflect, a reusable bag from ChicoBags, and some ToGoware …uh, SCORE! I’ve also entered to win some TropicalTraditions cleaning products from Hip2Save, which you should enter too!

Now, let’s say you don’t win, there can only be one winner sometimes and hey, we gotta clean, right? That’s where comes in! I lucked upon this place and have been in love ever since! We fell upon some tough times during 2009 and pretty much lost everything, except my positive attitude! I was lugging home about 20 lbs. of cleaning stuff and a baby…there had to be something else! Yes! There was/is! offers free 1-2 day shipping with any $39 order. That’s EASY! What’s more-they’re connected to where I would also get the stuff I need for my newborn son (now 16 months old), like diapers and wipes by NatureBabyCare, toys by WonderWorld and a host of other eco friendly  products, and sometimes free. Yeah. FREE.

How’s that? When you sign up with either,, and now; you’re assigned a special referral code. Give that code to everyone you can, family, friends, passers by at the bus stop-everyone! The reason why is when others use your referral code, they score 20% off their order and you score $10! It adds up quickly, trust me! And…They take manufacturers coupons! Just send them in and they will post them for use in your account! If you’re new to the idea and want to give it a whirl, use my referral code NAT154U and get started saving, today!

Oh yeah, you like cash back right? Along with signing up for your bank’s rewards program, you should be using Ebates. Ebates is a shopping portal and where you go FIRST when shopping online. You may think 3% here and there is nothing…1%-25% adds up QUARTERLY. Every quarter Ebates by check or PayPal and for me, it’s just in time! Pair that with your bank rewards, we’re talking more free, and free is good 🙂

There’s a few easyhomemadecleansers you can conjure up as well between shopping trips. I recently discovered the hidden powers of vinegar! I know, it’s a mom’s best kept secret-that stuff is  a miracle worker! From windows to bath tubs! EarthEasy gives you the A-Z on easy at home solutions. Thank goodness 🙂

Budget cuts ugh! I know too well, you’re going to need a side hustle. What’s a side hustle? That’s the other things you do to bring in income aside from working. My side hustles of choice, Swagbucks, and online survey panels…I belong to at least 10 of them! I got this little tidbit from a blog I’ve followed since she got started, Freebies4Mom. Tell you what… Start right there! You’ll be on your way to easy cheesy in no time! So what is Swagbucks? In a nut shell, a search engine that pays you for your time. Take surveys, grab a few special no obligations offers, search randomly and before you know it-you’ve scored enough SB’s to get some Amazon gift cards! Easy cheesy. And Amazon is not just where you go for gifts anymore. Nope. They have groceries, baby necessities, household goods, AND gifts. Sign up with their  AmazonMom program and get free 2 day shipping, no minimum for up to 12 months! This program is not just for moms either, caretakers, dads….know a kid in the neighborhood – you qualify 🙂 Sign up with their Subscribe and Save programs and save up to 30% on things you need, or want 😉 I get my  YummyEarth lolli’s from there for a ridiculously low price.

So no you’ve saved some money with coupons and cash back, you’ve saved some time with free 1-2 day shipping, and you’re getting your side hustle on, here’s an idea – go grab some Momtopia a stress less trip to the park will be nice, don’t you agree?



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