I created a princess.  Yes, I admit it, my daughter is the girliest girl you’ll ever meet.  Pink & purple, glitter, makeup, nail polish, Barbie’s, shoes, shoes, shoes…. I’m sure you get the idea.

She just happens to be turning 5 very soon and next weekend I am throwing her a birthday party for her girl-friends from school.  Not just any party… no no!  I have taken on a theme.

This may not be a big deal to some but for me, this is quite the task.  You see, I have zero (and I mean zero) talent in the creativity department.  DIY projects, while I dream of so many, quite often turn out to be complete disasters.  

For my darling daughter, I have created a Pinterest board with all the lovely photos of ideas to match the theme of the party, and have carefully chosen some of these ideas for her “Fancy Tea Party” theme.   One such project is those cute tissue paper balls or as some call them, tissue paper pom-poms.  I asked around how to make them, then set out to our local Dollarama to grab supplies.

Below I have created a step-by-step tutorial if anyone is interested – because low and behold, this DIY project was actually farily simple… and I learned it’s pretty much impossible to mess this one up.

Other tutorials called for florist wire (whatever the heck that is??) and another said I could use a stapler (but mine wouldn’t pierce through the thickness of the folded tissue paper) so I improvised and just used string.  I think pipe-cleaners would have worked as well if you have any of those laying around.

For each pom-pom, you will want to use between 8-10 sheets of tissue paper (or 4 folded in half).  I made some with the 1/2 size sheets and then tried a few with 8 full-sized sheets and they all turned out great!


Step 1 – take 8-10 pieces of tissue paper (or 4-5 folded in half) 

Step 2 – fold tissue paper in sections (1-2 inches probably) to create a fan.

Step 3 – trim the ends (you can try different shapes at the end to change the finished look, but I mostly just rounded them off)

Step 4 – secure in the middle – like I said earlier, you are supposed to use “florist wire” but string worked great, pipe cleaners would work or if you have a heavy duty stapler. 

Step 5 – gently pull sheets towards the middle, 1 by one.  Once you do half the sheets, flip it over and pull the remaining sheets the other way to create a circle

The first few did take me longer than probably needed as I was trying to be incredibly careful not to rip the tissue paper.  However, it turns out that even if you do rip it a little, it doesn’t really matter!  They still turn out looking great.  

Not only were these easy to make, they were cheap!!   Dollarama sells packs of 20 pieces of tissue paper for $1 – that will give you enough to make 2 large or 4-5 small pom poms.   The string was also $1 and I was thrilled to find they had it in pink!

You can also mix & match colours to get different looks.  Or, if you only pull from one side and not the other, they make beautiful flowers!

Overall, I would score this Pinteresting project a 5/5 – easy, cheap and doesn’t take much time at all!


I can’t wait to see the look on my daughters face when she walks into our living room and these are hanging from the ceiling.  I will definitely be posting more about her party after the weekend so be sure to throw your email into the Subscribe link on the top right so you get an email when that post is released.  Or hang out with me on Facebook, that’s where all the fun happens anyway.  🙂

xo – J


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