I’m one of those people that absolutely loves buying gifts ! Whether it be for Christmas, birthdays or “just because “. I put a lot of thought into choosing that special item that will make the recipient jump for joy or be moved to tears. I adore making my friends and family happy.

So, as my daughter’s birthday approaches, you can be sure that I’ve put a lot of thought into her gift. I’d like to clarify that my little princess is now a teen. She has fearlessly proclaimed that I don’t understand her style, so I shouldn’t bother buying her clothes, jewellery or anything that requires me to use my outdated taste. Of course, I’ll never be able to choose a book for her since the books I like are “boring”. Meanwhile, it would be ridiculous to think that she would have any use for a game or (lord forbid) a toy. And so, the pursuit continued.

taylor swift with giftsThankfully, I was given a helping hand from the delightful Taylor Swift. When I heard that she was coming to town for a concert, I immediately knew I had to get my hands on tickets to her show ! The thought of presenting this gift to my daughter assured me that my pursuit was not in vain. It would also help me get in her good books for a while, and at the same time, give her lots to talk about with her fellow teenage girlfriends !

So I put my plan in place beginning with finding out when the pre-sale would take place.

Have any of you been sneaky and called in sick to work when you were perfectly healthy ? It’s funny how someone can suddenly get a fever as the concert tickets for one of the most anticipated musical events of the year are about to go on sale !

So as my day begins, I am totally prepared to assure success. First, the call into work….really feel terrible..yada, yada, yada. Then, I log into the Ticketmaster website and click on the Taylor Swift event. As I watch the clock counting down the 5 minutes ’til the tickets go on sale, I pick up my phone and dial their phone number just in case they’ve opened the ticket purchasing a few minutes early… never know ?! I am greeted with a message that tells me I’m too early to order. My heart is pounding …I am soooo close to total happiness !

Four, three, two, one…GO ! We’re up…the webpage is loading. One minute in….the webpage is loading…..five minute in…the webpage is still loading. I quickly hit the redial button on my phone……’s a busy signal. I redial again….another busy signal. I watch my computer screen and realize I am 17 minutes into ordering and have yet to enter the webpage or connect with the call centre. I start to panic at the thought that thousands and thousands of people are doing this exact thing. It’s no secret that Taylor Swift’s last event sold out in no time.

And finally, like the sky suddenly clearing of clouds, or small green shoot sprouting on a withered plant, a little miracle takes place. I finally get a phone line to Ticketmaster ! Okay, maybe I’m being overly dramatic comparing buying Taylor Swift tickets to a wonder of nature but this is definitely a miracle of some sort !!

Fast forward. I have two Taylor Swift concert tickets in my possession. Good seats too…really good seats ! FYI, I was so excited I spilled the beans and told my daughter about her birthday gift way before her birthday. So we agreed that when I present these tickets to her on her birthday next week, she’ll jump for joy and act surprised !

And so my pursuit has ended well. My little buttercup is “over the moon” happy about her concert tickets and so am I. Not only because I love making her happy but because I’ll be the one sitting in the seat next to hers at the Taylor Swift concert !



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