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Unless you were one of the lucky ones born with dark, thick lashes *cough* my sister *cough*, then you have probably spent some time in the mirror trying to make them appear longer.  Mascara is the #1 choice, I would never leave the house without it.  However, mascara is really bad for your lashes, it stunts their growth and causes them to fall out early making your natural lashes actually appear shorter!!  Then there are the false eyelashes from the drug store.  I’ve bought them (I wore a set to my work Christmas party this year).  The problem is, for most of us they are only suitable for fancy events and wearing them daily just screams “look at my fake eyelashes”!!

Recently, I was introduced to a great alternative.  Eyelash extensions.  I have heard of them before but didn’t really know what was involved.  Then a friend had hers done and when I saw her pictures, I was blown away.  Her lashes were long and dark but not to the point where you would look at her and immediately think she had something done.  It gives the appearance of a really expensive fresh mascara, you know what I’m talking about – it only looks that great for the first application and then goes downhill from there.  No clumps and very natural looking.

Shannon at Eye Styling (who had done my friends lashes) was having a sale so I decided to give it try.  Her studio is located in Bowmanville, a very convenient location just off of Hwy 2 near Liberty.

The process took approximately 1.5 hours but it flew by.  The “worst” part which wasn’t bad at all, was getting the tape put over the bottom lashes (so they won’t get glued to the new ones by accident).  I’m not used to people touching my eyes so it takes a little getting used to.  No pain, it’s just a strange feeling.  Once the tape is on, you keep your eyes closed for the entire process, which you can’t really feel.  The new lashes are glued onto your existing ones, creating a longer and darker lash.

After the hour, I had a gorgeous new set of mink lashes.  I couldn’t believe my eyes (hehe) when I looked in the mirror.

The pictures on the left are “before” and on the right are “after”.



When I asked how long they would last, Shannon advised that if you take good care of them, they can last anywhere from 3-5 weeks.  They fall out with your real lashes so if you rub your eyes a lot then chances are they will fall out faster.  I am definitely an eye rubber so this has definitely given me a reason to give up that habit.  lol  Also, you should avoid any oil-based products on the eyes as this can reduce how long they last as well.

The great thing about these lashes is that there’s no need to have them “removed”. You either let them all fall out naturally or, even better, you can actually keep the look as long as you’d like.  Shannon recommends going for fills every 2-3 weeks to keep the lashes full.

With New Years Eve tonight, I decided to have my fill done a little early.  The existing lashes were left on and she added more to new lash growth.  After your first fill, you will notice the lashes looking fuller than the first time you had it done.  I didn’t know I could love them more than I did before but I do!!

Here is after my fill yesterday:



The lashes are thicker than the first application.  My hubby LOVES them too!

For me, the best part is that I can go anywhere, without any other makeup on and my eyes look great.  No need for mascara, they are always looking fantastic.

If you live in the Durham Region area, I highly recommend you check out Eye Styling.    She can also be found on Facebook. 

So I know you are all wondering, how much?  Let her know I sent you and you will get your first full set of luxurious mink lashes for $60!!!  That is an absolutely fantastic price so definitely book your appointment soon.  She also has a referral program so when you are in, definitely ask about how you could get your next set for free!

If you get yours done, please come back and let me know what you think!!

xo J



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