School Shopping Extravaganza!!


I personally LOVE shopping.  Even more, I love a great deal!  So when I was invited to join my mom and two friends on a shopping trip to the US, I jumped at the opportunity.  This was my first shopping trip of this size… I didn’t know what to expect!

DESTINATION:  Grove City, Pennsylvania

OBJECTIVE: Find deals on high-quality essential pieces for my kids school wardrobe

DURATION: 48 hours (so we could take advantage of the new border laws, allowing us to each bring back up to $800 in merchandise).

TRAVEL TIME: 5 hours each way

WHY GROVE CITY?  Simple… one of the best outlet malls within a comfortable driving distance, plus NO TAX on clothing & shoes.  Very small tax on other items.

WAS IT WORTH IT?  Absolutely!  This trip was perfect if you are looking for good quality, name brand items at a fraction of the cost.  Not something you’d want to do if you weren’t looking for very much or you were looking for discounts cheaper quality clothes (you’re not going to find $1-$2 deals at this mall but you will find $30 items marked down to $10).  Some of the kids stores included Gap Kids, The Children’s Place, Oshkosh, Carters, Heartstrings, J. Crew…

There are of course costs involved (travel, hotel, food) but if you have a long list in mind then absolutely! Not only will you save money, but you will get a lot of shopping done in such a small amount of time.  It helps that the Grove City Outlet Mall has a website listing all the stores and their current promotions, so you can get an idea of what you are going to see when you get there.  Not only because of the amazing prices on high quality clothing but for the fact that every store you could think of was located in one outdoor mall.

SO, HOW GOOD WERE THE DEALS?  Each store had their own promotions, which were typically anywhere from 20%-75% off the MSRP, with 60%-$75 being mostly on the clearance items.  In addition, many of the stores had items already marked down so you were getting the discount on the lowest ticketed price.  On top of that, the hotel you stay at will give you a coupon to redeem at the information booth at the mall for a savings booklet.  This booklet contains additional coupons offered at the stores.  For clothing, these discounts ranged from an additional 10% to 25% off the total.

PLUS, no tax!!!

Soooooo… WHAT DID I BUY!?

In addition to kids clothing, I did purchase some clothing and shoes for my husband, of course we hit Bath & Body Works (we had an awesome coupon there), the Pepperidge Farm store (6 variations of Milano Cookies?  Yes please!!) and a couple other toys & games for the kids.  So my savings was higher than listed below but I just wanted to show the kids clothes so you all could see the deals!

Here are the clothing items I purchased for the kids.  These were mostly bought at Gap Kids, Oshkosh & The Children’s Place (although I did stare longingly at the J. Crew window wishing I hadn’t already spent all of my clothing budget…. next time)!  Keep in mind that this is all in US dollars.

PHOTO #1 – for my son….

1 fall jacket,

3 pairs of jeans,

4 polo shirts,

2 button up shirts,

1 t-shirt,

1 pair of athletic pants,

1 pair of Sketchers sneakers

and a new backpack.

MSRP = $353.41








And now for my daughter…. 

2 uniform type outfits (one dress & shirt, one skirt & sweater)

2 pairs of stretch pants

2 more skirts

1 pair of jeans

1 pair of jeggings

1 cami

3 misc shirts

1 cardigan

1 zip up sweater w/ hood

1 pull-over hoodie

1 shirt/pants combo

MSRP = $348.24




A TOTAL SAVINGS OF $425.70   …. NOT including the money I saved by not having to pay tax!!!  

I did buy a few other things at stores not in this mall *cough cough walmart*…. lol





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