Are you all serious? Why “the working mom” needs to chill after Gwyneth’s statement.

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If you missed it, writer Mackenzie Dawson wrote an open letter to Gwyneth Paltrow, (or should I say “Gwynnie” as she is referred to in the letter) basically bashing her for a statement she made to E!  where Gwyneth talks about how she thinks being a mom with an office job is a lot different than being a mom working on movies.

I don’t understand why everyone is so upset? I read what she said several times and my interpretation is that she is simply saying that a life with routine would be simpler. I can agree with that completely.  I’m not sure where all the upset comes from and where in her statement she made some sort of nasty comment towards the rest of us.  I don’t see it and I don’t understand why everyone is applauding the letter

I don’t fall for the “stars have it so easy” stigma because they have challenges and schedules we can’t even begin to imagine (not to mention the stress of constantly being watched) and yes, having more money is awesome but it doesn’t make all that stuff go away, especially if they don’t want a nanny raising their kids. I can imagine it’s pretty tough at times. Sure, we can all have ridiculous dreams that one day we will be movie stars, even though we love our current life. So why can’t she dream of having a simpler life sometimes? That’s all I believe that statement was.

I am actually upset at the response letter and those who are applauding it. That woman is assuming a lot about Gwyneth’s life and it comes off more of an arrogant letter of sub-conscious jealousy than anything else.

Why do we live in this age where parents feel the need to constantly act like raising kids is some super ability that is so draining and miserable?  Sure, it’s hard but no one said life was easy and we are no better than the next woman doing it.  So when another mother talks about her struggles, stop comparing them to your own.  Her struggles are real, just as yours are.  They may not be the same but don’t belittle her because you feel your life is tougher.

xo – J


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