‘Stylicious’ App Review: a lady’s maid at your fingertips

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I’m a big Downton Abbey fan. The costumes are amazing; especially the 1920s party dresses! But one historical detail I’ve always been gobsmacked at is the lady’s maids and valets. Did these people really need someone to choose their outfits for them and help them get dressed? But wait, I shouldn’t be surprised. A peek into the average modern woman’s disorganized or jam-packed walk-in closet reveals that we still have a need for this service.

Screenshot of my Stylicious app, a.k.a. virtual lady's maid.
Screenshot of my Stylicious app, a.k.a. virtual lady’s maid.

Much like virtual valets or lady’s maids, there are apps that will help you make sense of what’s in your closet, help you choose an outfit, and make sure you’re not wearing the same combination of items too many times in the calendar. The only thing they won’t do: the laundry.

The app I’ve been playing with over the last few weeks: Sylicious

Stylicious is ideal for a couple of different scenarios. Do you have a really large collection of clothing that you adore, but can’t remember what you have? Do you want to mix your looks up, but keep on wearing the same outfits over and over? Do you take way too long to decide what to wear in the morning? Do you try to match your online shopping “covets” with several items you already have before making a purchase? Stylicious might be a good fit. What the app isn’t ideal for (and in fact, no app can do) is if your closet is full of garments that don’t fit, are out of fashion (and can’t be updated), or don’t make you feel fabulous because they’re not right for your body. You need a friend or a stylist who will help you clean out and makeover your wardrobe!

From my lookbook: Black Leather and Lace
From my lookbook: Black Leather and Lace

Features: Stylicious features a calendar to plan out your looks; a “wish list” you can cobble together with your “streeter” or “window shopping” photos and imports from Stylicious boards within the app; an inventory of your individual garments, accessories, footwear, and “wish list” items; curated looks put together by you from your inventory; keep track of sales from favourite brands; and finally, inspiration boards put together by Stylicious guest stylists.

Functionality: It was pretty user friendly. Toggling between modules was smooth, and it only crashed on me once (but then again I have an iPhone 5S and an outdated OS!).

My overall experience was that it was fun and, once the images were uploaded (see below), it was really fast to put looks together. Stylicious links to outside clothing retailers of new clothing, but I would also use it in tandem with an app such as Trend Trunk, which is like an online consignment shop. Stylicious would be a cool teaching tool to use with clients. They could put looks together and either text them to me, or post them on Love Ur Layers secret Facebook group during “office hours” for feedback.

From my lookbook: Repurposed Boho Chic
From my lookbook: Repurposed Boho Chic

There are always a few cons, so take note before you download. First, the start-up time commitment was huge! For women with a chronic lack of time, photographing your entire wardrobe and cataloging each piece according to season, category, subcategory, and style takes dedication. What I would suggest is uploading favorite pieces from your present wardrobe, and then, as you purchase new pieces, add them to your Sylicious library.

The only thing I thought was missing from the app was a good photo editor with a filter specific to taking pictures of clothing indoors. Most of us don’t have access to studio-white light and drop sheets to take magazine-perfect photos, so for an accurate representation of colour and texture, there are some definite limitations to the camera. However, this is just a like-to-have. The app still works perfectly fine without gorgeous pictures.

I give Stylicious a score of 4 out of 5 cocktail rings. It’s a pretty good lady’s maid. Now, if only it could do the laundry. . .


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