Jean Claude Van Damme The Epic Split Volvo Commercial

If you work in the advertising industry, you might as well just quit your job now. N-O-T-H-I-N-G will ever top this ad.

You may have seen this viral video floating around. Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme (who is 53 by the way!) showed us that he is still as bad-ass as ever in this commercial for Volvo.  This is a MUST-WATCH-RIGHT-NOW kind of video.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Ad = Viral Sensation!  Ok, I recognize that I am a few days behind with this one… but I couldn’t resist sharing!! 

After doing a little background google-checking (because seriously, I thought there was no freaken way this was real), I not only found out that this stunt is completely legit, but that JCVD performed every moment of it and the commercial is actually one continuous take as it appears.

What you don’t see is that there were of course several safety lines, which were removed from the video post-production. However, those wires were simply a precaution should something have gone wrong with the stunt.  Hey, safety is sexy when you are THE Van Damme!  Ya, I might have a wee bit of a celeb-crush… is it obvious?

Anyone care to start a petition to change the definition of EPIC in the dictionary?

xo – J


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