Well, my friends, summer is over. It is a very mixed set of emotions that comes rushing to the front when this is realized. However, those mixed emotions are almost always relaxed once we realize that means back to school! Not that we don’t love spending time with our kids, having them home much more, or driving them all over the green earth for (what feels like) months on end. But It is that delightful time when we get to put our tax dollars to work, and send our youth off to be thoroughly educated and enlightened on the ways of the world. Happy as it is, it can also be somewhat stressful. Below are five tips to get you, and your kids ready for school.

  1. Plan before you shop: Get a handle on what is really needed for the school year. Clothes, school supplies, new shoes, backpack, etc. Take stock of what you have and what you need. Then do a little homework and find yourself some great sales. August is one of the busiest months for stores. You can find sales everywhere if you look. Plan it out!
  2. Be honest about clothes: Ok, so this is really for parents of the little guys. I know that dress with the tights is super adorable for Hailey, and oh my goodness do suspenders look so charming on little Timmy. But let’s stop and think before we buy. Can your child easily, and with no fan-fare get these items of clothing on and off all on their own? If you are not sure, do not send your kid to school in them! It creates a terrible awkward and tense situation for student and teacher alike if they are unable to get their clothing down to go to the bathroom.
  3. Touch base with friends: Did your child make a few good friends the previous year, which you haven’t quite kept in touch with over the craziness of summer? Give their parents a call to see who they have as a teacher. Knowing that there will be some friendly faces in their class always puts little ones (and big ones) at ease.
  4. Ease back into the routine: A summer schedule and a school day schedule can be drastically different for kids of all ages. Do your best to ease your kids back into that school-time routine so their first day is not a completely rude awakening. This will help you as well. You will be able to get a handle on how much time you really need to do X,Y,Z. When it comes to kids, a lot can change in just a couple of months. Your sweet morning girl, could have turned into a morning monster that just cannot get out of bed. Assess the situation early.
  5. Breakfast is the most important meal: Cliché, yes, but clichés are that way for a reason. They are often true! Make your kids first day a big deal by providing them with a great breakfast. It will get them off to a great start that first day back.

Sending the kids off with some great life lessons is also essential. Here are some fantastic titles available on Netflix that are sure to inspire!



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