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Top 10 Girlfriends - That's What She Said

Written by Jackie Gillard

We all have our girlfriends’, right? Some of us have many, some only a few, but they all mean so much to us for so many different reasons.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the “Girlfriends’ Getaway Weekend” at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville with one of my dear girlfriends, and while I was there, I repeatedly saw examples of female love and friendship, bonding, power and grace that often reminded me of some of pop culture’s most iconic female friendships and why we loved watching them on the big or small screen.

These are the girlfriend duos or groups I envisioned at Deerhurst‘s Girlfriends’ Getaway weekend, and why the weekend would appeal to them, and you:

Ethel & Lucy:  These zany chicks got themselves into some serious hilarity, and the welcome party with a “Wonder Women – Your Inner Unleash Your Inner Power” theme brought out some pretty inventive costumes that made me grin just like Lucy did when her and Ethel couldn’t get enough chocolates into their mouths! Couple those costumes with a buffet of innovative snacks, a DJ pumping some great tunes for dancing, and a taste of Deerhurst‘s live show? I think Ethel and Lucy would have been jealous of us.



Cagney & Lacey:  Smart ladies. Always open to learning. I loved watching them solve crimes in what was then a man’s world of sleuthing. You want to find out something new or interesting? The girlfriends’ getaway weekend offers  workshops with interesting topics like home decorating or “What Do Men Really Want?” Yep, they do want sex, but apparently they want other, more emotional stuff too. Who knew?



Tina Fey & Amy Poehler:  Our modern-day Mary and Rhoda are unafraid of what others think of them, and so were the ladies doing yoga, Zumba and high-heeled dance classes in the early hours of the morning workshops! Kudos to them all; I could only muster watching in awe!


Laverne & Shirley: These goofy Milkwaukee girls were fun and quirky, they shared everything and talked it out (eventually!) whenever they had conflict. The gorgeous grounds of Deerhurst offered plenty of space to stroll and chat about anything and everything with your BFF, and the newly-renovated suite I stayed in with kitchenette and fireplace offered an ideal cozy environment for sipping wine with my girlfriend and just laughing together.


Monica, Rachel & Phoebe:  The “Friends” BFF’s had funky style, from their clothes to their living spaces, and what better way to add to your own personal style than to have a large on-site marketplace of local vendors provided home decor, jewellery, clothing, accessories – everything a girlfriend needs to feel up-to-date fashionable! A free shuttle into Huntsville provided even further shopping opportunities with many of the stores offering discounts to girlfriends at the event.  Shopper Heaven!


Betty & Wilma: These prehistoric girlfriends knew about food! Brontosaurus burgers? Yes, please! With an included breakfast buffet, an optional reasonably-priced dinner buffet plus Eclipse restaurant for added on-resort dining, Betty and Wilma would have had plenty of leftovers to spare for their always-hungry hubbies! With the selection of food available at the resort and a short drive away in Huntsville, nobody went hungry.


Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda: They were the stars of “Sex and the City” for years, with men passing in and out of their lives, and the presence of the Toronto firefighters calendar boys sure helped get the sexy on for us, from their steamy fashion show to their shirt-less mingling and selling their calendars for charity. In addition, “Our Lady Peace” frontman and bohunk Raine Maida offered a concert with his equally sexy and talented wife Chantal Kreviazuk, and boy, did they thrill us! Incredible music talent coupled with Samantha-worthy salty language and an openness on-stage about their 20-year relationship’s ups and downs made me feel like I was on my couch watching one of the best episodes ever of our Manhattan idols.


Mary & Rhoda:  These were the ladies that taught us in the 1970’s that women could be more than wives and mothers, Halleluiah! Taking some time for yourself at a girlfriends’ getaway is the ultimate way to treat YOU with love and respect, while spending time with your friends the way Mary and Rhoda loved to do!


Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy:  I don’t know about you, but these two made me squeal with laughter in “The Heat”! I loved how they were such polar opposites, yet learned to respect one another without judgement, and that’s exactly what the Deerhurst Girlfriends’ Getaway was all about. Ladies young and not-as-young, all shapes and sizes, all different styles, some in costume, some not, some in big groups of women, some with their one BFF, yet everyone shared a common goal: to have a great time together with their friends. Mission accomplished!



Thelma & Louise: Ah, our iconic BFF’s that redefined “chick flick” and girlfriend loyalty, not to mention fantastic road trips! Deerhurst is just the right distance away to makes the road trip there fun, but not so far away that you need to break the bank paying for expensive flights to get there. If you want to plan a getaway of your own or host an event at Deerhurst, it’s definitely the place to go for connecting with someone special, or a whole group.



Jackie Gillard is a freelance writer who spends half her time worrying that it’s too late in the day for coffee, and the other half wondering if it’s too early for wine. She firmly believes being a second wife to her second husband, a stepmom to her teen stepson and a mom to her daughter entitles her to such vices. She loves cats, but prefers the label “Cat Enthusiast” over “Crazy Cat Lady” because she never wears cat-themed clothing. You can find her scribbles in Today’s Parent or on her own neglected blog MyPapayaJambalaya.


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