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With Valentine’s Day not only falling on a Friday but also a Friday that our part-time Kindergarten daughter actually has school, it was the perfect day to plan something I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time now.

A new tattoo.

Not just any tattoo though.  I was going to permanently ink my marriage on my left hand.

Ok ok, so I know a lot of people think that relationship tattoos are cheesy but I have a perfectly logical reason for wanting to do it.  I can’t wear rings.  Like, at all.

I’ve tried.  I have a gorgeous engagement ring that my husband gave me 12 years ago. I gave it a good try on and off for years. My fingers were just not built for rings.

We have pretty much accepted that I am not a ring person and I thought my husband was okay with it… until we got married that is.

We're a little strange, I know....
We’re a little strange, I know….

We were a little late to the game and although we were engaged just over 12 years ago, we only got married 2.5 years ago.  We didn’t really follow tradition and did everything a little wonky.  We got engaged (2001), officially moved in together (2003), had the kids (2005 & 2008), bought our first home (2011) and finally tied the knot (later in 2011).  Oh and I finally just changed my name to his last month (2014).  Ya, that’s how we roll.

Our first Christmas with all 4 of us.
Our first Christmas with all 4 of us (2008)

So of course it only made sense that most things about our wedding were exactly like our lives. Probably the strangest part though was the fact that we used a fake ring.

Ok, so it wasn’t actually “fake”, it was very real.  It was my “something borrowed” – my mother’s wedding band.  Knowing I would never wear a ring, we never bothered to buy one.  Then, the night before the wedding when we had our rehearsal with the officiant, he spoke of the exchange of the rings and we looked at each other in horror.  Whoops… we kind of forgot that it was pretty important in the whole getting married thing.

This is the point where Mike is putting the "borrowed" ring on my finger.
This is the point where Mike is putting the “borrowed” ring on my finger.

While my husband had no problems with this at the wedding, soon after he did express his disappointment that I go out in public without any “symbol” that I’m a married woman.   I usually just laugh at the sheer idea that it’s even necessary.  Men aren’t really knocking down my door or looking at me like that anymore if you know what I mean.  However, I get his point and of course I will do pretty much anything to make him happy.

So back to last Friday, Valentine’s Day.

I decided it would be the perfect day to just go do it.  I was nervous, not so much about the tattoo (I already have a couple of those), but for the design.  I had some ideas.  I consulted a friend who helped me with a few more ideas.  Ultimately, I wanted Mike and I to decide on something together – but as I was keeping it a surprise, we literally drove up to the tattoo studio without a design.

Me in my "Happy Place".
Me in my “Happy Place”.

Fate must have been on my side because my phone rang and it turned out one of the tattoos was taking longer than anticipated – they needed to push my appointment 30 minutes.  So I let the cat out of the bag and told him why we were there.  He looked very surprised but happy about it.  We went through some design ideas and finally came to a decision together.

I sat in the chair, held out my hand and turned away.  I love tattoos but for some reason, I just can’t watch the process.  I’m strange, I know.  I’d have to say my finger definitely hurt more than the other area’s I’ve had tattoos done (my back and my hip) but as it only took about 10 minutes, the pain was over before it really began.  I just closed my eyes and went to my happy place while it was going on.

A simple heart with an infinity symbol on either side.
A simple heart with an infinity symbol on either side.

I love it!  It’s very “me”.  I wanted something simple but feminine.  My husband wanted something that would stand out; pretty much a “f-you she’s taken” statement.

I think this ring tattoo covers all of that and both of us couldn’t be happier with it.  Now let’s just hope he sticks around…. 😉

Do you have any tattoos?  Would you ever get something permanently inked to symbolize your relationship with someone?

xo – J



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