Why I Like… Joey’s World Indoor Playground Bowmanville


I’m sure anyone who has ever watched a child for 10 minutes has a grand appreciation for any place that can help them expend some of that never-ending energy they all seem to have. Bonus points for a place that is adult-friendly, clean and cost / budget friendly.

Today, I had hoped to take my kids to the park, however the rain from last night left the ground pretty wet, so we took the opportunity to try out Durham Region’s newest indoor play centre, Joey’s World, Family Indoor Playground in Bowmanville.

When we first arrived, there was actually a sign out front that they were full to capacity. I took this as a very good sign. Obviously its a pretty great place! We left and had lunch, then came back a couple hours later and were able to get in.  I would definitely recommend giving them a call before you head down.  Also watch their Facebook Page as they tend to post updates about the best time to head over.


Immediately I was greeted and told how it works. Everyone is given a wristband and kids can only leave with the adult who brought them in. Security! Love it!
In addition, the wristband acts as a tab, so anything you buy is added to the tab with your admission price and you pay when you leave.

So how’s the price? I would say on par with other indoor centres.  A visit will cost you $8.95 for the first child and $6.95 for siblings.  Parents are free.

They offer a variety of snacks and drinks available for purchase. I had a coffee which was actually quite good (I tend to judge my experience of a location partially on the quality of the coffee).  LOL

Otherwise, there was pizza, muffins, fruit cups, cheese strings and yogurt drinks, along with drink boxes, cans of pop and bottled water.  They also offer Gluten Free popcorn by Crazy Corn   ***  They don’t allow outside food unless it’s for babies so if you don’t want to purchase anything, I’d say feed the kids well before going.

It does add up, one visit with my two kids over lunch time and we had a bill just under $30 when we left.

Free WiFi is a nice touch for adults, I am actually writing this post while sitting one one of the comfy couches watching my kids play.

Bathrooms were very clean and well stocked.  They do have little stools for the kids at the sinks, my only complaint in this department is that my 4 year old couldn’t reach the soap.  I would have liked to have seen some hand sanitizing stations as kids were eating, then climbing.



My 8 year old especially enjoyed the Virtual Sports machine and found the rock wall a lot of fun.  His only complaint was that there was a long line up and while he was playing the virtual sports game and unsupervised younger kids were running into the game and trying to take the ball during his turn.  The attendant working the game didn’t really seem confident enough to enforce that kids stay behind the line which could be a safety issue as someone might end up with an arm/leg in the face if they get too close at the wrong time.   In my opinion, that game should be reserved for older kids (say 6 and up?).   The older ones are able to follow the rules and this would also cut down on the lineup for the game.

My 4 year old loved the climber and not having to be “quiet”.  haha  No complaints from her.

The facility is extremely clean, definitely a 10/10.  The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.  I will go back… again and again!

I fully expect we will be spending a lot of time there in colder months. I am also very excited for their birthday parties, the packages are very reasonably priced so I expect we will be invited to a few this year from school-class mates.

For contact info:

Joey’s World Family Indoor Playground,
380 Lake Road, Bowmanville, Ontario
L1C 5J2
(905) 447-PLAY (7529)



xo – J


Disclaimer: I was NOT asked to write this post. I was not compensated and I paid out of my own pocket to attend.  I just thought it was a really great local place and felt a review would be great!  


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