Why the Dexter Series Finale fell short

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*** SPOILER ALERT!!!  If you have not yet seen the season finale of Dexter, I warn you now that you may not want to read this.  ***

I know I don’t usually post twice in 1 day (let alone a week!) but I have been stewing on this one and had to post (as I sort of suck at keeping my opinions to myself).  Last night was the long awaited series finale to what I feel is one of the best shows to grace our tv screen.  I think the reason Dexter was so successful is because it has a little bit of everything.  Each episode kept you wanting more and waiting for the new season every summer was almost painful to endure.  Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating slightly… But it was a damn good series!

dexterThe first half of the episode was in line with what we have come to love about the show.  However, as we turned into the final 1/2 hour, things started to make a strange turn.  First with the realization that Debra was not going to survive.  Okay, so I guess we knew that some sort of resolution to their relationship was coming.  I also found that having her be Dexter’s final victim (that we know of) is kind of neat.  I think as a fan though, I would have liked to see Debra finally happy.  She struggled through 8 seasons with so many negative emotions and things never going well for her.  I would have been much more satisfied with a Debra who pulled through at the very last moment and was swept up into the arms of Quinn, to live happily ever after.

Next is the lack of emotion coming from Dexter.  We have come to learn that Dexter is a very special sort of psychopath – one with emotions.  We have seen him get very emotional, even recently (when Vogel was killed for example).  Yet saying goodbye to his own son seemed dry and emotionless.  It was just not believable that Dexter would not shed a tear for his own son.

I believe the fans wanted to see the show end with Dexter finally at peace and his “dark passenger” subdued and completely controlled.  That’s where they seemed to be heading and while we all love twists and turns, this was the show to just give everyone that happy ending they deserve.

lumberjack dexThen the final scene that has the Twitterverse up in arms.  WTF was with the lumberjack scene??  Seriously, it felt like something that was added in at the last minute because someone lost a bet.  It could have ended with the previous scene and us fans would have been happy with that.  The unknown “is he dead or is he alive?” and the chatter about that would go on for years with theories and fun discussions.  I could have forgiven every other detail I disliked about the finale but that last scene, our last moment with Dexter, pretty much ruined the entire episode.

I must admit, I think those of us who are fans of Michael C. Hall probably went into the finale with very high expectations.  One of the best series finales every (in my opinion of course) was Six Feet Under.  Funny enough, that finale gave us a glimpse into the futures of every character and for that show, it worked.  Really well.

I know I know, it’s just a TV show.  Did you watch the Dexter finale?  What did you think?

xo – J


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