The other day, one of my (younger) friends mentioned that she was thinking of getting some ‘vajazzling’ done for her anniversary with her boyfriend.  I believe I literally choked on the sip of diet pepsi I was taking and a little may have come out of my nose.  In case you don’t know what vajazzling is, well… we all know what a Bedazzler is right?  Add a vagina and voila!  Your nether regions shine like a Vegas stage show.  Apparently they are just glued on and it lasts for like about a week.  So nothing permanent.  But still, I have to wonder, am I getting old or am I just a prude?

Kathy Griffin after getting vajazzled on “My Life On The D List”
Kathy Griffin after getting vajazzled on “My Life On The D List”

So I completely needed a guys opinion on this, so naturally I asked my hubby.  I pulled up Google image search, and turned around to see a half disgusted, half intrigued look on his face.   Then he says “Those are all strippers right?”

I have no idea how much this costs and I don’t quite understand the appeal.  I guess this may have been a great idea to get it done the week I went into labour with one of my kids – I mean, it’s the one time that you have about 10 strangers all looking at your womanly bits.  Might as well look nice right?   But for my husbands benefit?  I don’t know.  That just seems like a bit much.  At this point in our relationship, he’s lucky if I shave my legs more than once a week.

Ya, I know, TMI.

So now of course, this gets me thinking.  Am I just being a prude?  Or is this maybe just something that the “younger girls” are doing now?  When hubby and I were “dating”, the thing to do was to get a piercing down there… or at least a belly button ring (I didn’t see the appeal of that either though).   Vajazzling would be less painful and less chance of permanent scars.  Hmmmm… maybe they are on to something here.

Bahahaha okay, no, I still can’t see the appeal.  And I definitely wouldn’t pay money to do it – although if someone wants to Vajazzle my vajayjay for free, that could make for a very interesting blog review… LOL!!

Seriously though, is this considered sexy now?

Pictures courtesy of
Pictures courtesy of

Well,  she looks happy.  Thumbs up and everything.  I believe her thought at this exact moment is “I’m going to kill whoever talked me into doing this”.

Unfortunately, it gets even worse.

I”m not kidding.

You may want to close this page right now.  Especially if you are at work or children are around.




Consider yourself warned.




The newest trend, even newer than Vajazzling is….







I wish I was kidding.  And when I googled it, I found another term called “Scrotazzle” and the slogan was “Now your jewels can sparkle too”.

Ah crud, there goes that pop again.


So, if you made it this far, I’d love to know.  Vajazzling & Pejazzling…. yay or nay?   Would you like to see your partner all blinged up down under?

xo – J



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